Julie Bishop 'cautiously optimistic' after Trump and Kim summit

President Donald Trump's nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was long on visuals and rhetoric but short on specifics, leaving the world wondering what really was accomplished during the historic meeting.

Japan has remained a steadfast ally of the United States and South Korea dating back to the 1950s against the North Korean regime and recently placed a number of sanctions on North Korean entities in an attempt to exert pressure on the regime. Denuclearization is rewarded by US "security guarantees".

Rocky Kim moved to Canada in 2007, where he set up his organization to help other defectors and advocates for human rights in North Korea.

Australia has imposed sanctions on North Korea - covering travel, goods and services, banking and scientific co-operation - since 2006 in response to the regime's weapons programs.

"I highly appreciate the fact that President Trump firmly touched upon what I told him recently about the abduction issue, which is very important to us, to Japan", Abe said. Although the United States and North Korea do not have formal diplomatic relations, all of the pageantry pointed to a meeting between near equals, a a masterful propaganda coup for the reclusive rogue state.

While Tuesday's summit saw markets react relatively calmly, doubts over whether or not the summit would actually take place in the past have caused markets to tumble.

Kim, though, did get something valuable - a meeting with a sitting USA president (something his father and grandfather never accomplished, despite great efforts).

"New history has been made and China welcomes and supports it". China's goal for decades has been to drive us out of Asia.

Following his withdrawal from the pact, Trump has announced the restoration of U.S. sanctions, while European leaders are trying to preserve the deal. "A lot of progress". Think of it from a real estate perspective.

"Now would not be the time to ease global sanctions against North Korea".

In the press conference, Trump says that he got Jong-un to watch it on a cassette, er...

"We appreciate President Trump's recent comments about our family", Fred and Cindy Warmbier said in a statement. Journalists in attendance reported that the North Korean leader appeared "stunned" by the remarks - although he reportedly smiled after sitting down. Shortly after Trump's presser, a spokesperson from South Korea's Blue House (its executive branch of government) said that "the meaning and intention" of the USA president's remarks regarding the war games "require more clear understanding".

  • Zachary Reyes