California Primary Elections, Gas Tax, Trump Economic Boom

But the primary election genius was businessman and first-time candidate John Cox. To find your polling place, go to or to the California Secretary of State. How did we get here?

One of the big takeaways from Tuesday night's primaries is that the momentum women seeking office have shown since the 2016 presidential election continues.

Support for President Trump has ticked up in a new NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll. It's expected to drive up Republican turnout that could benefit candidates in tough races for Congress and the Legislature. The second place victor has yet to be decided.

"I'm really, really anxious about our Constitution being ruined by this presidency", Karuntzos said after casting her ballot at a local community center. Orange and San Diego Counties have grown more diverse, and their relatively wealthy, well-educated Republicans are not President Donald Trump's core constituency.

Levin starts out as the favorite because the Democratic candidates scored more votes more than Republicans combined in the district that Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

No state offers Democrats more opportunities to gain House seats this fall than California, where more than a half-dozen Republican-held seats might be in play. What do you anticipate this race looking like since both candidates are Democrats? Kevin de León, who is appealing to progressives and Latinos.

The poll, conducted by Luntz Global, includes an over-sampling of Trump voters, Republicans and small business owners. That's money that Democrats would have preferred to save for this fall. "Republicans ended up winning in all of the seven seats they were trying to numbers are well above we thought they would be and the Republican nearly made it in the general election in my race as well, so I'd say Republicans that were very motivated given tax cuts and the economy. that's something that's playing well in my community".

Mark DiCamillo, director of the Berkeley IGS Poll. "That's not much different to the proportion in previous election cycles". The party has targeted more than a dozen Republican-held seats in California and New Jersey alone. All eyes will be on whether this will translate into success in the general election - and to what degree.

Voters, or at least a majority of them, disapprove of Donald Trump.

So many Democrats were vying to challenge Rohrabacher that they divided their party's vote.

It looks as though the Democrats narrowly escaped that situation.

FOX NEWS HOST: It allows the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, to advance.

It was a tight race in California's 48th district.

The election calendar said June, but what happened Tuesday was the first volley in the battle of November.

Right now, things are really too close to definitively name a victor. We just did that for the last two months.

However, the election outcome is complicated further by the ranked-choice voting method used in San Francisco to elect a mayor.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey fended off three Republican challengers, while South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem, another Republican, became her party's first female nominee for South Dakota governor. On the ballot, voters list their candidates in order of preference. If Grisham wins, she'll be the second Latina to become the state's executive, after Martinez.

How is that playing out? But the interventions to pick and back likely winners appear to have worked.

Democrats have aimed their most aggressive attacks at Rosendale, seizing on his background in Maryland and questions about his experience as a rancher.

On the whole, Tuesday was a successful night for women candidates, 122 of whom appeared on ballots across the country - the most on any single primary day in USA history.

  • Leroy Wright