Apple unveils features to help tackle 'smartphone addiction'

Users can customize based off an number of features, and create as many avatars as they like.

Apple's Craig Federighi talks about the new Screen Time features at WWDC.

Apple also announced a new file format - USDZ - which is designed for AR.

That's expected to be Apple's cheapest iPhone X successor, the model that will feature an iPhone X-like design but with less expensive components.

New group-calling capabilities for FaceTime were unveiled, meaning up to 32 people will be able to take part at a time. Say you're going out to brunch with friends and snap a few photos. Safari will share a "simplified" profile to thwart this, Apple said.

This includes swiping up for Control center, scrolling through multiple applications or simply navigating through the interface. iOS 12 is said to offer a much smoother and seamless experience.

It's hard to predict precisely how the iOS 12 beta will run on your device and that's why we recommend setting aside some time to prepare for the download and installation, particularly if this will be your first time trying pre-release iOS software.

Users will now also have a choice on whether or not to give permission for third-party apps to have access to their device's camera and microphone. The latest update will reach those devices that received iOS 11 update. There's no judgement here, just insights, but you can set yourself limits for an app or category if you choose.

Google introduced similar tools at its developer conference. The small Measure app can be helpful in all situations in life, like the small digital compass, the pocket calculator or the level. Lego is also leveraging this technology and you'll see more of AR Legos in the future.

What it means for marketers: If you're managing a large team, or have a group of staff that works remotely, meetings just got a whole lot easier. As I watched the Lego demonstration during the keynote, I was already happy that I could use and enjoy this app. Such an addition would be a welcomed expansion for Apple's earbuds product while making both it and the iPhone more appealing to those with hearing issues. Then they can manage how long children use specific apps on their phones. All FaceTime and iMessage functions should also be usable on the Mac, so that people don't have to constantly reach for another device. Apple seeks to do this differently by using peer-to-peer connections instead.

The new update will be available from September and will be available to all devices which now have iOS11 (iPhone 5s and later, iPad 2013 and later).

Interestingly, the flashy new Memoji & Animoji features for Apple Messages got less than 3% of the votes for favorite iOS 12 feature.

  • Arturo Norris