Apple defends end of OpenGL as Mac game developers threaten to leave

Bloomberg reported the planned change in December, but Apple hasn't talked about it publicly until Monday, when it gave a preview.

During Apple's WWDC 2018 opening keynote yesterday where they announced macOS Mojave, the company flashed a nice big slide in the backdrop stating that "Mojave is the last macOS release to support 32-bit apps." .

Along with these very visual new upgrades, Apple is also making its Mac platform more secure for its millions of users. User will be able to set daily limit on how much they use an app and once the limit expires they will have to wait for the next day.

While Apple will always state otherwise publicly, as the iPhone and iOS have increased in popularity over the past decade, macOS has slowly evolved into an afterthought - though this year's WWDC has placed an uncharacteristic, but welcome emphasis on the desktop and laptop operating system. In fact, the only serious surprise (though it had been heavily rumored in the weeks and months leading up to the event) was the official reveal of iOS apps coming to macOS.

The Mac App Store has been completely redesigned. Speaking of the iOS, this time there is going to be one feature which is going to steal the show - the digital health dashboard.

Apple is also adding some new apps to its Mac operating system with users able to access News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home straight from their PC.

These aren't just iOS apps running inside an emulator.

Another major change this year is the cross-platform framework that will allow developers to easily offer their apps across both iOS and macOS.

MacOS Mojave will feature a Dark Mode for everyone to take advantage of, with Xcode also supporting dark mode functionality.

Certain interactions will happen automatically.

The new App Store. Again, it's just like Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad, but on Mac.

MacOS Mojave: Apple has launched a new version of macOS, the new name is derived from a attractive landscape "Mojave". In 2016, Google said its Android mobile app store would run on the company's Chrome OS for personal computers, getting a similar thumbs-up from developers. When your Mac is sitting on a surface, lifting your arm to operate a touchscreen is "fatiguing", he noted.

Federighi added that he doesn't think the touchscreen laptops out there today-which he referred to as "experiments"-have been compelling". Apple doesn't see these devices as competitors to its own machines. The Updates tab also exists to list all the apps that need to be updated.

While Apple won't officially release tools to port UIKit apps to macOS until next year, some are already digging into Mojave to see what they can discover.

  • Arturo Norris