IOS 12 beta suggests support for automatic system updates

Apple is also unveiling the Measure app for iOS, which uses AR to quickly gauge the size of real-world objects, as well as a new open file format with iOS 12, usdz, which is created to more deeply integrate AR throughout iOS and make AR objects available across the ecosystem of Apple apps.

Apple, led by CEO Tim Cook, is taking a swipe at ubiquitous "share" buttons created by Facebook and others to track your behavior online regardless of whether you click on them.

Theoretically, automatic updates would allow users to bypass all of that and simply let their iOS device install the update on its own. The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is typically reserved as the company's moment to show off new software features and operating system updates. ARKit 2 is the natural successor to ARKit and comes improved face tracking, realistic rendering and 3D object detection, among other things.

The Mac App Store is a ghost town of limited selection and Apple customers have long complained that some Mac apps get short shrift.

Shared experiences - this is it Trainers, first party support for AR multiplayer is here.

The changes in Safari will apply when Apple's next-generation operating systems roll out widely later this year.

Siri's personal assistant functionality is also getting a boost: apps that you use regularly will be able to push suggested actions to your lock screen. Part of macOS 10.14 Mojave was an updated Mac App Store.

And users should be able to view this new background image much more easily with Mojave able to instantly clean up the desktop with something called Stacks.

The Do Not Disturb During Bedtime feature blocks access to notifications during preset hours.

Apple's next version of macOS, Mojave, adds a "dark mode" that will change the bright silvers and grays across the program's windows into shades of black. Grouped notifications is another feature that combines notifications from the same app together.

Animoji, Apple's cute animated animal personas are back and upgraded in iOS 12 on iPhone, with new creatures like koala and T-rex added, among others.

Along with sharing AR experiences, making AR apps should be easier, too, thanks to WYSIWYG ("What You See is What You Get") editing in AR.

Parents can also set limits, using "Allowances" to allow their children ertain amounts of time on their devices.

At the event, Apple also announced that it is bringing Group FaceTime with support for simultaneous video calls with up to 32 people. Group FaceTime can also be accessed directly within groups in Messages.

Everyone will see performance improvements on the iPhone and iPad but Apple focused n on just how much faster this will make the oldest device running iOS 12.

  • Arturo Norris