YouTube Red Streaming Service Set to Relaunch as YouTube Premium

YouTube now enjoys a userbase of more than 1.5 billion people, but Google's various attempts to launch premium subscription versions and spin out a music streaming service have seen mixed success.

The streaming service will have two versions, ad, and subscription.

The app will also bring a personalized home screen that will dynamically adapt to provide recommendations based on people's listening history, where they are and what they are doing.

Separately on Thursday, YouTube also said it would revamp YouTube Red, the paid version of YouTube that comes with original programming, to include YouTube Music at an additional price of $2. If you are a current YouTube Red customer, you can continue to enjoy both services at the price you're paying. In addition, the access to entire collection of YouTube Originals including Youth & Consequences, Step Up: High Water, and Cobra Kai.

YouTube is rolling out a new service "YouTube Music" on 22 May to seperate the music and film components on the Google-owned video-sharing platform.

In the past the company has not had as much success with its music streaming services.

YouTube has announced one of its biggest ever overhauls to its music section, YouTube Music, a "streaming service made for music with the magic of YouTube".

Gone for good is YouTube Red - at least as a brand. This is the new name for YouTube Red. The service will be available from May 22 in the US, Mexico, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

YouTube didn't set a date for when YouTube Premium would launch.

The advantage of building a music service around YouTube is that it has content that other services don't have.

YouTube Music launches next week at a monthly subscription rate of AU$11.99 a month. Subscribers to the service can also play video in the background on mobile devices (which is nice for podcasts) and you'll be directly supporting creators. So you still get background playback, the ability to store videos for offline viewing and an ad-free viewing experience as well.

  • Carolyn Briggs