Trump walks back Bolton comment on 'Libya model' for denuclearization

North Korean first vice foreign minister Kim Kye Gwan said in a statement carried by state media that "we are no longer interested in a negotiation that will be all about driving us into a corner and making a one-sided demand for us to give up our nukes and this would force us to reconsider whether we would accept the North Korea-U.S. summit meeting".

Planned talks between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have also been thrown into doubt.

The prospects of denuclearization talks between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un began to fade this week.

He rejected the notion that the Trump administration is using Libya as the model for the talks.

"The Libyan model was a much different model. In Libya we decimated that country, that country was decimated, there was no deal to keep Gaddafi", he said.

"It could also simply be a way of North Korea scuttling the summit and scuttling any kind of agreement by putting up this roadblock, and then if the United States doesn't agree to it, to say, 'Well, we're just not going to be able to move forward, '" Arend said.

"This is not about solving problems through dialogue, but is meant to replay the tragedy of Libya on North Korea", Kim Kye-gwan said, adding that Libya "has totally collapsed after handing over its fate to big powers".

Bolton recently suggested that North Korea should follow the model of Libya, which over a decade ago abandoned its effort to build nuclear weapons. It does. It also has a lot more experience at this kind of diplomacy than the current United States administration.

May 7: Kim makes another surprise visit to meet Xi in the Chinese coastal city of Dalian.

"China has become very spoiled, the European Union has become very spoiled. And we will see what happens beyond that". "We lost $800 billion on trade past year - we're not going to be doing that any longer".

Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He is in Washington this week for high-level talks to head off a potential trade war.

As evidence that Mueller's probe is far from complete, lawyers this week sparred in court over a Russian troll farm indicted by the special counsel.

Mr Trump denounced the investigation as "disgusting, illegal and unwarranted".

The occasion for the rant: Mueller's Russian Federation collusion probe now enters a second year. This is what Trump had to say about the matter on Wednesday ahead of his talks with the president of Uzbekistan.

"If so, this is bigger than Watergate!"

On Thursday, Trump ran away from that position.

And, look, haven't we seen results already? "Maybe a special counsel, special prosecutor, never should have been appointed", he said. "If it doesn't, we will continue the maximum pressure campaign that's been ongoing", Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, explained on Fox & Friends. "It's clearly a witch-hunt".

People around Trump understand the classic process of summitry and the danger of throwing the two leaders together to just work it out, according to Kazianis. In the lead-up to the Singapore summit, should it still take place, Trump may be preparing for the wrong game: a two-player round of checkers when Kim is steeling for a multiplayer two-board chess match.

As Trump is finding out after pulling the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal, snapping back an global sanctions regime that took years of diplomacy and political will to build is not easy, especially when your partners don't see eye to eye.

  • Salvatore Jensen