National Basketball Association draft lottery: Phoenix Suns get first pick

Without question, DeAndre Ayton should be the consensus choice.

For nearly a decade, the Phoenix Suns have been terrible. Certainly would have never guessed that they were what they were, you know, because when that trade was made, for every reason, Brooklyn was stacked, and it looked like they were going to go on a run that year (and multiple years). They've had success when it comes to drafting perimeter scorers.

Devin Booker needs all the help he can get. Sexton shot only.336 on 3-pointers.

Last year's first-round pick, Josh Jackson, had a tremendous rookie season.

Why him: The site describes him as "A basketball prodigy dominating the ACB and EuroLeague as a teenager who could become a game-changing NBA playmaker". They also have a 64.2 percent chance of receiving a top-3 pick and can not slide any further than fourth.

The Suns were missing established players this year; they only had two guys over the age of 30 that have experienced the playoffs. The following teams round out the Top 10. "Unfortunately we didn't get that, but we still got a top five pick and we have a chance to get a pretty good player". Helping the NBA's worst defense is a bigger need.

Phoenix was always expected to opt for Ayton if they landed the number one pick but that now doesn't look like a foregone conclusion after their new head coaching appointment.

For the first time in franchise history, the Suns will have the number one overall pick in the draft. He has the ability to knock down a 15-foot jumper, although it is not consistent. His physical presence allows him to easily finish at the rim aggressively.

There are a handful of guards that could possibly be available for the Suns to take at No. 31 that could be very capable of starting at point guard should they decide to trade the 16th pick.

Essentially, the idea of the lottery is each team is given certain odds based on their regular season schedule.

Ayton played his college ball at Arizona.

"Just like with the lottery, life doesn't always go the way you want it to go and champions have to adjust and overcome", Herskowitz said. Ayton would be the ideal pick beyond pure stats. In that scenario, it's pick your poison. Otherwise, the unwanted team can hold him in the EuroLeague for however long. The power forward averaged 10.9 points per game and 5.8 rebounds per contest while averaging only 21.8 minutes per game.

This draft could be a big step forward.

Phoenix hasn't made the playoffs since the 2009-10 National Basketball Association season.

Everything seems to be pointing to Ayton being the next member of the Suns.

  • Julie Sanders