Look out, Fortnite: Call of Duty is entering the battle royale market

Being able to heal oneself during the middle of a fight is one way for players to remain in the game.

"Tactical players can choose when to disengage and look for a better opportunity to survive", said one of the Treyarch developers presenting onstage.

He ended the interview by noting that he is a fan of narrative games, and acknowledges they have a place in the industry. Instead single player missions will be used to give you background on the new specialist characters. "Our signature controls and gameplay systems and the kind of fast-paced action that only Call of Duty can deliver".

As always, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will also feature the traditional multiplayer and Zombies offerings as well. Their names are Bruno, Diego, Shaw, and Scarlet. Battle Royale is just a fad and it's a shame to see Call of Duty merely trying to cash in on it. Granted, the game is launching with three pretty substantial modes (the aforementioned Blackout, the usual PvP multiplayer and the staple Zombies mode, too). These post-launch updates have seasonal content, limited-time challenges, and more. The mutations will have effects mechanics like zombie speed, health and weapon damage and more.

The characters can seemingly time-hop, and Nine sees them in ancient Rome, facing a horde of former slaves that have been turned into zombies with a magical device.

Treyarch emphasised that Zombies mode would be more customisable than ever, via both mutators and the return of difficulty modes. Recent "Call of Duty" campaigns have featured performance-captured celebrity talent from the likes of Kevin Spacey and Christopher Meloni, which probably drove up the games' budgets.

The PC port will allow uncapped framerates, and include support for 4K, HDR, and ultrawidescreen monitors. The game will be fully integrated with every social feature of the Blizzard client, and things like UI elements and weapon recoil are uniquely redesigned to fit improve the mouse and keyboard experience. Players can take advantage of Battle.net features like friend lists. The multiplayer mode was shown first and it actually looks like a pretty decent experience. Its' map will be 1,500 times larger than Nuketown and is the largest map that Treyarch has ever developed. With a unique combination of well-made gameplay and an interesting premise that only Call of Duty can offer, it's sure to catch the eyes of many battle royale fans.

Whether you think they're hopping on the Fortnite bandwagon or not, it's a huge deal to have the first AAA bolt-on battle royale mode.

During the presentation, Activision revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will release October 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Battle.net).

  • Arturo Norris