Deadpool 2 Got the Biggest Name Possible to Play its Surprise Villain

Since it is the John Wick co-director at the helm, we are treated with a couple of standout fight sequences, even though the CGI involving Deadpool's new pal Domino (Zazie Beetz) causing some cars to blow up looks awful.

Deadpool 2 will debut in theaters this weekend on May 18.

"Ryan Reynolds ended up voicing Juggernaut, if you didn't know that", Reese told CBR at the film's New York City press junket earlier this week.

But the film's greatest asset is Reynolds, who in Deadpool finally found the role of his dreams.

Deadpool 2 opens this Friday at Century Cinemax, Oasis mall and Cinema Magic, Metroplex Naalya. Thanks to some cosmic cryptic advice (so cryptic we'll assume one of Deadpool's powers is to be really, really good at making inferences), he will come to the aid of an angry young mutant (Julian Dennison). A real emotional beating heart to the film, that is unexpected in a comic book movie.

There aren't any Deadpool 2 spoilers in this post, y'all can chill. The only problem is that while Deadpool did change the game for superhero films with the 2016 original - and he did it the best with his fourth-wall breaking meta humor and constant commentary of the film itself - it set such a trend with nearly every single superhero film following it with variation of the same. Deadpool is very much more the mercenary, with everything that bloody entails.

This appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert genuinely seems to cut to the core of what makes the Deadpool franchise so endlessly endearing. "I think Peter is an example of that". Deadpool 2 begins with a montage of Wade Wilson / Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) taking on multitudes of villains across the globe, in a sort of James Bond on LSD sequence of blood and destruction, while Reylonds' voice over mentions that this is a "family film". In an attempt to protect a terrified and confused teenage mutant Russell, our red-suited hero makes an impulsive bloodthirsty decision, and this sets into motion events that catch the attention of the time-travelling mutant, Cable (Josh Brolin). The highlight is the luck controlling Domino, played with sheer delight by Zazie Beetz.

He continued: 'So, sometimes I'm just: "nope, you're going to do that". Deadpool 2 staves off yawns though with its own playful sense of humour that's constructed with self-deprecating, pointedly vulgar gags and lashings of stylized violence. In a very amusing but bloody sequence, she proves to be the sole survivor of an airborne assault by a team of hapless mutants, including characters played by - if ever so briefly - Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgard, Lewis Tan and one uncredited celebrity, making a delightful, if gruesome, cameo. The makers have taken a dig at nearly every other superhero including Hawkeye, Batman and Superman.

  • Salvatore Jensen