Deadpool 2 movie review: Ryan Reynolds brings home another victor

Deadpool/Reynolds made his latest appearance on US TV last night (15 May) as he gatecrashed Stephen Colbert's monologue during the latest edition of The Late Show. It's something actor Ryan Reynolds thinks will be good for his character.

One of the big surprises is during his relentless narration, Deadpool talks about how this is a movie about the F-word. No.

Although going through four hours of sitting in a chair getting made up every day is hard, the actor claimed that putting on the Deadpool mask and suit gives him a sense of freedom hitherto unknown in his lengthy career. In fact, he's feels even more encouraged to "step up his game" to make the collaboration happen.

Deadpool 2 is unreservedly and unashamedly embracing its madness.

The plot in this second outing concerns Deadpool's unlikely, and fairly reluctant, mentorship of a 14-year-old mutant named Russell (aka Firefist, for his ability to - well, you can probably guess from the name, which sounds better than "Hothands").

Whilst the Deadpool 2 star isn't keen on showing off his kids on camera, his eldest daughter has already gotten a taste of fame after a voice recording of the toddler was sampled by family friend Taylor Swift in her song Gorgeous. Starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead, it is the sequel to the 2016 superhero film Deadpool. "I should go - I should go ahead and read the rest of your monologue". Sound familiar? At another point in the film, Deadpool calls Russell "John Connor", the hero from the similarly themed "Terminator" movies. Because, how much more of the same is to be consumed before it gets tiresome?

Reynolds himself also teased his involvement in X-Force, expressing his excitement to work with the director and the new direction it will pull Deadpool.

Josh Brolin as the villain Cable in Deadpool 2. This amusing teaser leaves the fans laughing before superhero sequel's opening. Despite Deadpool's jokes on it, it is a pity that the studios couldn't make the movie on a larger scale.

Time travelling scenes show Deadpool somehow crossover into the previous Fox franchise where Wolverine fought Weapon XI (another incarnato of Wade Wilson).

There are a few "blink and you miss them" cameos to be on the lookout for, as well as a brilliant mid-credits scene you should really stay for, but there is no post-credits scene so don't wait up for that. Credit Morena Baccarin, who has been unbelievable on "Gotham", with using her role as the love of Deadpool's life to give the film a brief moment of sincerity.

All in all, "Deadpool 2" delivers exactly what you would expect- comedy, action, and an overall good time. (Stuntwoman Joi Harris died while filming Deadpool 2).

  • Salvatore Jensen