NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Cavaliers vs. Celtics

LeBron James will lead the Cavs to his eighth straight finals appearance, 4-1 - Christopher BritoIn the most anticipated playoff matchup, the Rockets will host the Warriors in a battle set to be defined by each team's offensive prowess.

LeBron came out hot in Game 2, scoring 21 in the first quarter and 25 for the half. Whenever you go against him, we've had a history, especially in Atlanta with him and Paul Millsap, with Chicago, Joakim (Noah) and Pau (Gasol), those are All-Star bigs that are very good players. We fed off the crowd and we kept it going throughout the game. "We have another opportunity to be better as a ball club coming in Tuesday night, and we'll see what happens". He was leading the Cavaliers in points and assists before he headed to the locker room.

"It's not just me", Morris said, according to ESPN. This yielded dividends throughout the season, but during the playoffs they again embraced that slower offense.

"You could go through the career of every great player ever - they always respond", said Stevens.

While speaking with reporters Monday, Lue gave a head-scratching explanation for not starting Thompson. "As role players, we've got to play our role". "I don't think we were soft defensively". After all, which team would pass up the chance to add a player who many fans believe has a shot at being the greatest of all time?

Double-teamed and hammered with countless switches that often left LeBron faced with someone new, James connected on just five of his 16 field goal attempts, and was reduced to folded arms and watching a garbage time fourth quarter from the Cleveland bench.

"I'll just be myself, be active early", Thompson said. By halftime, The Celtics had already pulled away, James only had 7 points, and the team was 0/12 on threes.

Horford made Love play defense, something the 6-foot-10 UCLA product doesn't exactly excel at.

Horford, whose performances are nearly dissected on a nightly basis because of his high-priced contract, is enjoying the best postseason of his career, averaging 17.2 points and 8.3 rebounds, while shooting 59.3 percent from the floor.

The Boston Celtics executed their game plan perfectly in game 1, but the Cavaliers will have a response in game 2.

Al Horford had 20 points for the Celtics and met little resistance from Kevin Love, who has been starting at center for Cleveland.

The reporters at the post-game press conference couldn't help but burst into applause as James simply said, 'There you go'.

Boston entered with the same gameplan as Toronto did in the series, which was taking those shooters away and forcing LeBron to carry a large load offensively, but the Celtics have personnel better suited to that objective, with a group of young, talented defenders who stayed engaged. The Cavs won Game 2 106-91, behind 33 points, eight rebounds and five assists on 13-of-29 shooting from James.

  • Julie Sanders