Egyptians to start Ramadan fasting on Thursday

Salisu Shehu in which he quoted the Sultan as rejoicing with Muslims on the occasion of this year's Ramadan fasting, while also praying for Allah's blessings of the Holy Month.

If the Ramadan moon is sighted today, the Namaz-e-Taraweeh would begin from tomorrow.

Because Muslims follow a lunar calendar, countries often declare the start of Ramadan a day or two apart. So please, as we approach Ramadan, let this important Islamic month be a prayer point.

ISGOC, 3815 N. Saint Claire in Oklahoma City, will host "Revealing Ramadan - A Look In on the Muslim Month of Fasting", 6-8 p.m.

"It puts you in a different mindset", Fehmi said of the fast.

Muslims will pray at allotted times throughout the day, fast after sunrise and before sunset and families may come together for celebratory dinners referred to as Suhoor and Iftar. "Thinking about Muslim students who chose to fast during the upcoming exam period as well as those who don't and may have to put up with a lot of grief for their decision", Twitter user Sarah Ager wrote. He says that the goal of Ramadan, as described in the Qur'an, goes beyond fasting to create "God consciousness".

For instance, those who live in Oslo, Norway will be fasting 19 hours, while Muslims in Jerusalem, occupied Palestine will fast for roughly 15 hours and those living south of the equator such as in Buenos Aires, Argentina will fast for just 12 hours.

FILE - Abdul Barek Hajji, a Bengali Muslim, reads the Koran while waiting for the Maghrib sunset prayer during Ramadan at the Abu Bakr Mosque in Flushing, New York, May 31, 2017. There have been countless times that I've found myself in situations where I've been unable to break my fast come sundown, prioritizing work instead, and nearly never performed the Maghrib prayer at work to complete my day of fasting. It is generally believed to take place on an odd-numbered night in the last ten days of the period (that being the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th). It also organizes nightly prayers during Ramadan. This means one needs to control gossiping, back-biting or cussing another person.

Meanwhile, those who genuinely forget that they are fasting and eat by accident are still doing something valid provided that they stop immediately after realizing their mistake. North African countries and those in the Middle East will also begin the fast on Thursday.

More than 1,200 Muslim volunteers have participated in the event over the last eight years, according to CAIR.

  • Leroy Wright