Deadpool 2's most shocking post-credits scene was cut

Sprawled out on his back, Ryan Reynolds' foul-mouthed, masked anti-hero, Deadpool, has a bone to pick.

Ryan Reynolds has given an update on X-Force and thinks the film will be R-rated. God bless Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin.

Josh Brolin, who plays Cable in Deadpool 2, also made an appearance at the premiere. Deadpool is seemingly aware of every other superhero movie and isn't afraid to call them out, repeatedly.

While the overall plot is weak at best (it's essentially "John Wick" - if a camp Jim Carrey had played the title character circa 1993), you can forgive "Deadpool 2" because it's just so darn entertaining and so intelligent when it comes to its humour.

Oh, and another note - the first Deadpool film slightly altered its post-credits scene for general release after showing a shorter one to early critics' screenings, so it's possible something else will have been added this time too.

Never resting on its laurels, Deadpool 2 will surprise and entertain in equal measure. The whole X-Force subplot is super-hilarious.

Similarly, Jen Yamoto of the LA Times argued that there was "a tedium to the sort of repetition that merely rehashes and recycles the same wink-wink barbs that worked the first time around-but also a relatable, even pitiable humanity in the film's desperation to be liked". To be perfectly frank, Dennison is literally playing his character from Hunt for the Wilderpeople again, only this time with superpowers. "Oh, I'm a little more (sentimental)", Reynolds said.

On his first official outing, while wearing a slightly demeaning "X-men trainee" high vis vest, Deadpool is tasked with trying to diffuse an out-of-control teenage mutant Russell (Hunt for the Wilderpeople's Julian Dennison), who has fiery superpowers. There's action aplenty throughout the film, but Deadpool 2 doesn't bog down in it as many overcooked comic-book sequels do. It allows enough time for the fourth-wall to be built back up, so when he inevitably knocks it down, it has a much greater impact. "How can you not like Deadpool?" they ask.

Walking into Deadpool 2, like any sequel that follows an out-of-this-world original, can be daunting. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) continues to be an ass-kicking, wise-cracking buffoon. The movie is amusing, the action is bigger and badder than the original, and Josh Brolin's Cable is fantastic - adding two-for-two to Brolin's comicbook performances of 2018 after playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

One of my least-favorite elements of the first Deadpool (besides everything) was Tim Miller's flat, pedestrian direction. This means someting bad is going to happen to the hugely popular character during the movie. "Down the road, I'm sure we'll figure it out", Reynolds said at the red carpet of the premier of the David Leitch directorial.

Of course, there's plenty more going on in Deadpool 2 aside from Dopinder's enhanced role.

  • Salvatore Jensen