Republican primaries for special elections Tuesday

While most seats have viable nominees on both sides, Tuesday night's results will sharpen where all the House races in the Keystone state stand - one of the most important states to watch come November.

The ballot includes all countywide offices including the District Attorney and Superintendent of Schools, a Bay Area-wide transportation measure, Regional Measure 3, the primary for California Governor and other state offices, state Assembly and U.S. Senate. But there are a lot of different ways Pennsylvania could go if it abandoned its closed primaries, which I believe it should.

In the 17th, Democratic Congressman Conor Lamb is running against Republican Congressman Keith Rothfus.

No registered voter - Republican or Democrat - should risk waking up Wednesday morning sorry that he or she was "too busy" or too lazy to vote.

The state Supreme Court issued a new congressional map in February, splitting Centre County into two districts.

This situation is quite rare.

Democrats will choose between Air Force veteran MJ Hegar and Dr. Christine Eady Mann as their candidate to face incumbent John Carter for Texas's 31st Congressional District.

While "47 percent of registered voters say they back the Democratic candidate in their district, 44 percent back the Republican", according to CNN.

"The new lines "decimated" the GOP's dominance in southeastern Pennsylvania, and gave Democrats a boost in the part of the state where the opposition to Trump is centered", said Chris Nicholas, a Republican strategist.

Without anyone carrying the considerable advantages of incumbency, the contested races here are wide open. "Sometimes they'll win and then we have to manage it", said one Pennsylvania Democratic strategist.

There are two challenges here. If a voter has moved or changed his/her name, they must update their registration by completing a new voter registration form. It's easy to get cynical and to believe that one vote can't make a difference.

In Electra, voters can cast a ballot at the Commissioner 4 building from 8 noon and 1 5 p.m.

In addition, the free Monmouth County Votes mobile app is available on the Apple App and Google Play stores. Click there and look for Listings by Municipalities.

The Democrats in both races are running unopposed. Four Republicans are also running.

Unless you're a serious party loyalist, it's hard to imagine mounting much defense for punishing Pennsylvanians who would rather remain politically independent or join a third party than affiliate themselves with either of our major parties.

  • Leroy Wright