Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Kills Korean Karaoke While Dressed As Unicorn

"Not only does the sequel explore this flawed character, it firmly establishes him as a loveable and effective hero".

This is Deadpool. He fights dirty, talks dirty and gets dirty to get the job done, regardless of what the job is.

Whaaaat? Say it ain't so.

So it must have been a straight "yes" when you were told that Dopinder would be in Deadpool 2... In many aspects, the Cable subplot - not even starting until about the 30-minute mark - becomes the principal focus of the narrative's second half.

The goal: Make his life meaningful. With the already-planned "Deadpool 3", I say blow it off altogether.

Deadpool 2 is kind of like that zany guy you met at a party once. A tragic incident brings Wade into the X-Men fold which leads him to a special, powerful kid named Russell.

Reynolds goes on to state that the team dynamic for the X-Force is more morally flexible than a team like the Avengers, as they are willing to take the dirty jobs others don't want. "F**k Wolverine. First he rides my coattails with the R-rating, and then he ups the ante by dying", Deadpool narrates, promising that in this movie, he, too, will die. And amusing as all get-out. Alongside "The Godfather Part II" and "Terminator 2", this is one of the best movie sequels ever made. Great gusts of guffaws are unleashed from time to time.

The problem is that there's just so dang many of them.

Ryan Reynolds spent more than a decade trying to make "Deadpool". That's the character, that's the brand, and that's why the first movie was a success. The follow-up has a feeling of being obligatory.

Fox tries to make a bold move early on in this sequel with an all-too-predictable twist that can be seen from a mile away. If you enjoyed the first one, there's every chance you'll like this one as well.

Reynolds is his typically fast-talking, glib self (for better or worse, he'd be a fine choice to take on the mantle of Chevy Chase's Fletch). His wit is quick and his dialogue (he's credited as co-writer) is salty, snarky and sardonic as always. But yeah, we'll see. Behold the iron law of Hollywood tentpoles.

Dopinder is a cool guy... he can easily be intimidated by Deadpool and all these insane guys around him, but he keeps it normal and it hardly took him any time in the first film to become friendly with Deadpool. It's loaded up on reference humor, this time expanding to superhero movies including the DC Universe and Marvel.

The talented Julian Dennison is well cast as Firefist, a teenage mutant who can shoot fire from his hands. Why doesn't he save the other members of X-Force? "Derivative", another character laconically comments.

It's awesome that we live in a cinema world where a bananas character like Deadpool can essentially be the centerpiece to an entire film franchise's future.

The original "Deadpool" caught lightning in a bottle.

  • Salvatore Jensen