Rage 2 release date confirmed on May 14

After 8-years in the making, Bethesda's long awaited sequel to 2010's Rage was leaked last week, after it was included within a large selection of listings from Walmart Canada. The tweet included colors employed by the official Rage accounts in response to wal mart's leak.

Rage 2 news - what is being said about it? RAGE 2 is launching on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Well, things have been made official as the game's official trailer has been released by Bethesda. For all we know, Bethesda might be pulling off an elaborate prank just to get back at Walmart Canada's freaky listing. Melee weapons and thrown weapons are also seen in the announcement trailer, which means they will likely be featured in the game as well. It teased Rage 2 by reviving the Rage Twitter account. Rage 2 has been confirmed, and now we're looking at that list with newfound appreciation.

Bethesda followed up with a series of Rage-related images on Twitter, most of which contained the numbers 5:14, presumably a reference to today's date. Vehicular races and battles were a big part of the original Rage. Look closely and you can see short fragments of characters from the post-apocalyptic game world. As Rage 2 is still now "unannounced", there is no information of when to expect the title, or who's behind development. Developed by id Software, the game was praised for its gameplay mechanics and graphics, but dinged for it's story and lack of direction. Otherwise, we can always count on a few more leaks, so stay tuned!

  • Carolyn Briggs