European Union aims to pursue Iran nuclear deal following USA withdrawal

Asked whether the United States sanctions will hit the Chabahar port project, Kumar said it was too early to analyse and come up with conclusions about implications of USA withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

President Donald Trump withdrew from a deal that prevents Iran from immediately being able to develop nuclear weapons on May 8.

Iran said it may resume uranium enrichment in a higher rate in weeks if it finds nuclear deal will not work anymore after the US pullout from the deal.

European leaders will speak with Iranian officials in the coming days about ways to keep the agreement afloat without the United States and with the resumption of U.S sanctions on Tehran.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Britain had no intention of walking away from the deal, known as the JCPOA.

"Do we accept extraterritorial sanctions?"

O'Toole added, "You can't be powerful without good people in government".

The Iranians began protesting shortly after the Friday prayers as they carried banners, reading: "Down with the US" and pictures of Trump with a caption: "Go to hell".

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said Trump's speech was silly and superficial and contained 10 lies. Obviously, the American decision will impact also non-American companies. And the most worrisome thing is that there are both Russian and American troops on the ground in these countries.

India and Iran have robust economic and commercial ties covering many sectors though it has traditionally been dominated by the import of Iranian crude oil by India.

Hinderstein said there is every indication that the United States is preparing to pull out of other non-inspection mechanisms in the agreement, including converting the Arak heavy water reactor and the "procurement channel" that regulates the import of dual-use materials to Iran. Of course, Canada should make up its own mind. And the prospect of fighting two potentially very bloody and open-ended wars in two drastically disparate theaters is something the US will struggle with confronting, and especially in terms of sustaining those operations over the long haul. "That means, it is concretely about damage limitation". Such forecasts undergird the administration's calls for USA "energy dominance", which administration officials have defined as "a self-reliant and secure nation, free from the geopolitical turmoil of other nations that seek to use energy as an economic weapon". He was quoted by Germany's Bild newspaper as saying firms should question the morality of doing business with Iran. Zarif will meet Tuesday with his counterparts from Germany, France and the United Kingdom in Brussels. "Do they want to do business with a threat?" he asked.

European Union states could use their state investment agencies to cover risks such as sanctions that companies could face in trading with Iran, ICG suggested, while the E3 could launch a joint effort to support Iranian infrastructure projects through their development agencies.

But Trump, a severe critic of the deal dating back to his 2016 presidential campaign, said Tuesday (yesterday NZT) in a televised address from the White House that it was "defective at its core". "After engaging with the U.S. Administration in a thorough manner over the past months, we call on the do everything possible to preserve the gains for nuclear non-proliferation brought about by the JCPOA, by allowing for a continued enforcement of its main elements". Dozens of pacts on trade, regional connectivity and investment were signed during Rouhani's India visit in February.

  • Leroy Wright