'Rick and Morty' Gets 70 New Episodes Under Huge Renewal Deal

But thankfully, we've all been given the news that we've been patiently waiting for since season three wrapped up: there's more Rick and Morty on the way.

Keep in mind the order is for 70 episodes, but this doesn't mean the next season is literally going to be 70 episodes long. One of the scrapped episodes was a third "Interdimensional Cable", a running format over the previous two seasons, in which the characters watch unusual shows from other dimensions. 70 episodes!? This must be what TV news heaven is like.

"Rick and Morty" is Adult Swim's most popular original series by a pretty good-sized margin, so it's no surprise that it earned a renewal. "I can't live in your shower, Dan". With fans of the series waiting nearly two years between the second and third season, there's no indication that the wait will be any shorter for the first of those 70 new episodes to air.

The acclaimed animated show Rick and Morty is coming back - in a big way.

It's been a weird few months for Rick and Morty fans. Rick was enthused at the idea of more adventures, but Morty... not so much.

The show has been meta since it first premiered, with various Season 1 episodes ending with Rick breaking the fourth wall and acknowledging the audience. We'll be able to do other things, but the catch-as-catch-can, hand-to-mouth, wondering-what-my-future-holds days can finally draw to a close.

The show has also attracted controversy for its fans' behavior, which has included harassing the show's women writers and rioting at McDonald's restaurants across the country over a dipping sauce promotion. We got all that, and we're both very excited. Then came the troubling surprise that, despite fans already being almost half a year into the wait for season four, that season hadn't even been ordered yet.

  • Salvatore Jensen