Point/Counterpoint: Does LeBron James have a clear path to the NBA Finals?

Six years ago, he just wanted a follow on Twitter from National Basketball Association star LeBron James and now he'll be facing his team in the eastern conference finals.

So how is the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar managing to dominate in the playoffs despite going through a full grueling regular-season schedule? Chicago pilfered him at No. 3 after Houston chose Hakeem Olajuwon and Portland selected Sam Bowie. He came first, and he possesses irrefutable accomplishments as the sport's most deadly perimeter scorer, a six-time champion and a game-changing cultural phenomenon and celebrity endorser. Jordan won all his championships in Chicago; James joined Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami in order to win his first two. In this season's series he averaged an astounding 34.0 points, 11.3 assists, and 8.3 rebounds per game.

LeBron James has continued to entertain us time and time again. Like the other men on that list above him - one which includes Jordan four more times, Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain twice and Russell Westbrook past year - he is destined to fall short of another ring.

This tweet has resurfaced, of course, because Tatum and LeBron will now go head to head in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Enough. Give me the Celtics in the Finals, all-stars who play on and the latest on Kent Bazemore's possible destinations.

"I'm gonna get a lot of rest from hereon", said James, who will be in his eighth straight Eastern Conference finals.

It wasn't about being the man, it's how good can I be? OK, great. Now, can you do it for month? He has a ring for every finger plus one he could give the victor of a Charles Barkley/Karl Malone cage match.

Hurst said most polls will place the two among the top three in every category, making it hard to determine who is better. They get righteously indignant at the notion Kobe or LeBron are in any way his equal, but that logic leads us directly to Bill Russell. LeBron can score; he doesn't need me to score. He's been basically carrying this Cleveland Cavalier team throughout the playoffs, which is something many believe Jordan couldn't do.

The Cavs don't have to design a play for that. After overhauling their roster at the National Basketball Association trade deadline, the Cavaliers were ostensibly the most vulnerable they had been since James' return to the franchise in the summer of 2014 after four seasons and two titles with the Miami Heat.

  • Julie Sanders