Netflix should revive Brooklyn Nine-Nine

While the show has grown substantially, in terms of subject matter confronted onscreen, the viewership did drop from 2.9 million viewers in season four to 2.7 million viewers in season five. It's the only show left on FOX from an outside studio, in this case Universal TV. Goor previously shared that the Season 5 finale wasn't meant to be the show's last. This could save the show from getting completely canceled, even if it doesn't air any more episodes on Fox.

Brooklyn Nine Nine fans have expressed their anger after it was confirmed that the acclaimed cop comedy won't be returning for a sixth season.

AlthoughBrooklyn Nine-Nine garnered substantial ratings from its launch, scored a Season 2 renewal and a post-Super Bowl slot, constant scheduling changes between Sundays and Tuesdays has been called out as the reason for a ratings dip. This year it had returned from a long winter break to it's Sunday slot replacing the comedy Ghosted.

Fox canceled the Andy Samberg police comedy series after five seasons on Thursday. (TBS also already airs Brooklyn Nine-Nine reruns.) It's also worth noting that NBC's relationship with Mike Schur, who co-created Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Dan Goor, could make it a plum pick. And Arrested Development found a new home on Netflix after Fox ended the show after three seasons.

"While done at Fox, Brooklyn Nine-Nine may not be gone altogether", Deadline's Nellie Andreeva wrote hours after the cancellation.

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine has consistently received high praise from fans and critics for its humour, style and diversity, the statistics seemed to let it down. It could be very interesting to see if viewers who have enjoyed the show on Fox or TBS will be willing to pay to watch future episodes. No word yet on the fate of Bobs Burgers, Family Guy, or Ghosted, but we do know that the Bobs Burger team is getting a run on the big screen in 2020.

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  • Salvatore Jensen