McCain urges Senate to reject Trump's Central Intelligence Agency nominee Gina Haspel

How could she? If it was not immoral, it would probably still be legal.

The Junior Senator, Kamala Harris, lived down to my abysmal expectations for her.

"I think the techniques we used were not torture".

During his presidential election campaign in 2016, Trump said "torture works" and said he believed the US should "go much stronger than waterboarding".

Haspel said she doesn't believe Trump would ask her to resume waterboarding. "I was an interrogator in that program during the most controversial time, and I know who my boss was". She supported the destruction of the waterboarding tapes, she explained, because of security concerns of agency officers. "And I'd go back and study them and learn".

"Pleasantly surprised. Last time I saw him he had just come out of surgery really anxious, eating really healthy, we watched "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and he was running commentary", Graham said about McCain's health. That is why we have a confirmation process".

'The vast amount of her background can be declassified without compromising what are called sources and methods, ' Wyden told reporters.

"I think you will find me to be a typical middle-class American", Haspel told senators.

MM: Well, you'll have to ask Sen.

"If you have your staff check, Mr. Rizzo has issued a correction", Haspel said.

Pointing to a separate incident, Cindy McCain also called out Fox Business' Charles V. Payne, after one of his guests made an equally atrocious remark about her ailing husband on Fox Business on Thursday.

She was warned that a pledge to simply follow the law would be insufficient.

But Sanders also said she had not recently discussed with Trump the question of whether torture is effective. Mark Warner, D-Va., told Haspel. Haspel equivocated. Having just vowed not to permit behavior she thought was personally immoral, she refused to answer a question about what that meant. Her answer was definitive: "I did not appear on the tapes".

But Rounds needs more information on Haspel's position on enhanced interrogation techniques.

White House aide Kelly Sadler responded to Sen.

President Trump installed Gina Haspel as acting C.I.A. director a little more than a month ago, and now it's up to the Senate to decide if she can keep the job on a permanent basis. She allegedly pushed for erasing evidence of the torturing and was able to persuade her superior in doing so. Donald Trump has claimed that what Democrats object to about Haspel is that she is tough on terrorists. Joe Manchin III, W.Va., a panel member, became the first Democrat to back Haspel, while Sens. The vote on her nomination is yet to be scheduled.

Bayh, a Democrat from IN, and Chambliss, a Republican from Georgia, served on the Senate intelligence committee during Haspel's tenure at the CIA. John McCain, R-Ariz., are both opposed to her nomination. Rand Paul of Kentucky, are expected to vote for Haspel.

King said he believes it is an "inherent conflict of interest" for Haspel to be "the decider in the Central Intelligence Agency about what gets declassified in terms of her record" and said that more materials should be shared.

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