Did Democrats' Blue Wave Crash On The Shores Of Ohio?

Democrats are also focusing on trying to flip the 2nd District, where former Hillary Clinton state campaign director Talley Sergent will try to take down sitting incumbent Alex Mooney. Since then, only one Democrat has been elected - Ted Strickland - and he only served one term.

But the red-state Democratic senators are banking on the idea that voters will be impressed that they are willing to work with the administration and are highlighting their efforts to do so.

However, more Democratic ballots were cast - between 11,670 to 12,111 votes were recorded in the district attorney, state senate and sheriff's race, according to the unofficial results.

Republican Mike Braun advances to a November matchup with Democrat Joe Donnelly, who is considered one of the Senate's most vulnerable incumbents. The brother of Vice President Mike Pence, Greg Pence, secured the Republican nomination for the VP's former House seat.

"Remember when everyone in the fake news was saying, "He's gonna get us into a nuclear war"?" the president said. You guys let it happen. "It doesn't happen often and it's interesting", he said. Richard Lugar in favor of the arch-conservative state treasurer, Richard Mourdock.

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It's hard to say in any particular case that a person's gender helped them.

And that partisan imbalance held up in this week's contests.

In two OH congressional districts, Republicans rejected insurgents who might have made winning general elections more hard.

Harris cast the primary as a battle for "the heart and soul of the Republican Party".

Republicans avoided their biggest potential disaster in a key Senate race, while Democrats saw their own promising field of candidates lock into place.

"I don't worry about that", Donnelly said of the political threats from the administration.

And that ultimately could heighten scrutiny of redistricting in the 2020 elections. Much of the campaign was dedicated to emulating and praising President Trump. "It's an issue that pops". Right now, around three-quarters of women House candidates still in the running are Democrats, according to CAWP, along with around 60 percent of women Senate candidates. And some governors can veto the district lines.

Ohio Republicans are pledging to show the swing state is still Trump country, and the president is cheering them on while getting return fire on Twitter from a Barack Obama appointee seeking the governorship.

And Republicans have rapidly turned against the idea of the President testifying under oath before Mueller.

The primary runoff elections include Democratic governor candidates Andrew White, a Houston entrepreneur and the son of former Gov. Mark White, and Lupe Valdez, the former Dallas County sheriff.

In North Carolina, Democrats would win three of the state's 13 congressional seats with 30 percent of the statewide vote share, but wouldn't compete for a fourth seat until their share reached 53 percent, the study found. But that won't take effect until after the 2020 Census.

That dynamic is particularly clear with the controversial nomination of Gina Haspel to lead the Central Intelligence Agency; Haspel had her confirmation hearing Wednesday and nearly will certainly need some Democratic help to get across the finish line.

The 13th Congressional District has a packed race with eight Republican candidates on the ticket, including: Eichelberger, Rep. Steve Bloom of the 199th District, Ben Hornberger of Shippensburg, Doug Mastriano of Chambersburg, Art Halvorson of Manns Choice, Travis Schooley of Quincy Township, Dr. John Joyce of Blair County and Bernie Washabaugh II of Chambersburg.

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