McConnell Trolls Blankenship On Twitter After Primary Loss

The Cook Political Report has OH as 'Lean Democrat.' Back in March, I blogged about an Axios poll that showed Brown winning a head-to-head race against Renacci, 50% to 45%.

West Virginia might have been an even more hard contest for Republicans had Blankenship, who served a year in prison in connection with a 2010 mine explosion that killed 29 workers, been able to ride a late surge of support to a victory.

But that doesn't mean things will be easy for Morrisey in the fall.

Robert Ehman of Charleston, West Virginia, who voted for Blankenship, called him an "honest man" and brushed aside his imprisonment for conspiring to violate mine safety regulations after an explosion at one of his company's mines killed 29 people in 2010.

In most cases, the Republican candidates on the ballot had competed to be seen as the most conservative, the most anti-Washington and the most loyal to the Republican president.

A defiant Don Blankenship is firing back after President Donald Trump urged West Virginia voters to support two of the convicted ex-coal executive's opponents in the Republican U.S. Senate primary.

During the campaign, Don Blankenship launched a series of attacks against McConnell. He came in third, behind both Morrisey and Evan Jenkins.

In one of Blankenship's campaign advertisements, he had referred to McConnell as "Cocaine Mitch", a remark he later defended in a press release. McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, is the secretary of transportation.

Blankenship has taken aim at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with racially charged accusations of corruption.

McConnell's campaign responded to Blankenship's loss on on Twitter, tweeting Tuesday an image of McConnell similar to a poster for the Netflix show "Narcos", a drama about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Way to keep it classy, Mitch. Tremendous voter energy and excitement, and all candidates are those who have a great chance of winning in November. An advocacy groups has reportedly poured more than 1 million U.S. dollars on ads against Blankenship, while U.S. President Donald Trump, no longer positioning himself as anti-establishment, told voters not to support Blankenship.

Karnes on Tuesday night claimed an influx of the "far left" voted against him in the primary.

"I just can't vote for Don Blankenship". Her opponent in the governor's race, Mike DeWine, the state's attorney general and a former US senator, abandoned his moderate establishment image and endorsed the construction of a border wall - presumably to keep dissolute Wolverines fans in Mexico where they belong - and the arming of teachers in the classroom with such lunatic zeal that voters were convinced he was the genuine article. West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who has broken with Democratic leadership to vote for parts of Trump's agenda, crushed Paula Jean Swearengin, who ran as a progressive alternative.

More women are expected to run for elected office in 2018 than ever before, a sea change many are attributing to the "Me Too" movement encouraging women to speak up about experiences of sexual harassment and abuse. But with the House of Representatives possibly switching hands this November, the GOP is looking to hold or add on to its slim advantage in the Senate. All three are now held by Republicans. The two Independents, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of ME, caucus with the Democrats.

Learning lessons from the past, the GOP is now determined to field a strong team of candidates heading into November.

Morrisey was elected as the West Virginia Attorney General in November of 2012 and re-elected in 2016.

  • Leroy Wright