Smart Compose for Gmail coming to all users later this month

Let's take a look at each one of them. They can also get information about buildings and shops that can be seen through the camera.

Android, Google's mobile operating system, has turned 10 and the search giant is giving it a minor design refresh this year. With the help of this new feature, AI and machine learning will understand who is in the photo and also offer to share the photo with the person. After this, you could see a menu there from which you need to select Send Money option.

The features were discussed Tuesday at Google's annual developers conference. So what you're gonna hear is the Google Assistant actually calling a real salon to schedule the appointment for you. With advances in AI, Google has introduced 6 new languages to the Google Assistant in order to make it sound more natural. "We want AI to work globally and we are opening centers around the world", says Pichai.

The feature is dead simple to use: Just start typing an email as normal, and if Google recommends something that you want to use - in gray text that pops up ahead of your cursor - press the tab button to accept the suggestion. Users can accept the completion by hitting tab.

At Google I/O 2018, chief executive Sundar Pichai showed off the new feature called Smart Compose for Gmail that allows it to figure out what people are going to write and then completes the sentences for those too bone idle to do so themselves.

The feature is in line with Gmail's Smart Reply which comprehends the format of the new email and proposes short expressions to answer it. Photos will also add the ability to fix photo exposure or colorize black-and-white photos with a single tap. The changes are coming in the next two months. So, Google is simplifying it with the help of artificial intelligence. It can also turn old monochrome images into color images using machine learning.

Google said that the latest spamming attack hasn't compromised any user accounts, so there's no reason to believe your Gmail has been hacked. And, if that's not enough, you will be able to hear Google Assistant in the voice of American singer, songwriter and actor John Legend later this year.

  • Carolyn Briggs