Microsoft Shows Off Windows Sets, New Outlook Features

Microsoft's President Brad Smith said that in an effort to empower people to enjoy their independence and employment, the company will look to accelerate the development of AI tools.

There is a very intriguing page called 'Get the Windows 10 Mobile April 2018 Update' on Microsoft's official website. On stage, the company demoed how you can have a Microsoft Edge open and start tabs for things like PowerPoint, Word, and Photos right in the same window.

Rather, Redmond wants to see what developers do when they combine depth-sensors tech data with AI, as tech tinkerers have previously used Kinect in all sorts of applications beyond its original Xbox origins; the camera tech has popped up in medical, industrial, robotics and education applications, according to Microsoft chief exec Satya Nadella. The SDK will bring full flight control and real-time data transfer capabilities to almost 700M Windows 10 connected devices globally.

You'll also be able to treat your phone messages like a chat program, banging out responses with minimal fuss. Microsoft said that it is also bringing Timeline to the Microsoft Launcher on Android and Edge on iOS. For starters, the app will allow you to access texts, notifications, photos on a Windows 10 PC from your smartphone.

Today we are surrounded by digital assistants, from Siri, to the Google Assistant, to Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft's version, Cortana.

When Windows 10 launched in 2015, Microsoft said its aim was to have the OS installed on one billion devices by the year 2018. The solution has been created to give developers the hardware and software needed to build camera-based IoT solutions.

And then there are the new Sets features.

"With the new fee structure, Microsoft is only accessing an additional fee when we contribute to you acquiring a new user", Microsoft wrote in a blogpost.

Microsoft is developing its Azure Cognitive Services package so that it will run across edge devices over the next few months. By pushing notifications to your PC, you don't have to turn your attention away from what you are now doing to glance at what your phone is buzzing over.

Along with clearing a path for developers to create their own apps on Microsoft 10 devices, the SDK will also support third-party accessories mounted on the drone, DJI says. Better to embrace them, along with the idea that people will choose either an iPhone or Android phone that works for their whole life-both work and personal.

And finally, Microsoft announced new opportunities helping devs build smarter ways for people to work.

  • Arturo Norris