National Hockey League orders Boston Bruins Brad Marchand to stop licking opponents

The Bruins were able to get on the board first on Sunday which seemed impossible in prior games.

Tampa Bay's ability to seize control of the series was surprising, given Boston's superb Game 1 performance.

For the visiting Bruins, the offense will run through Brad Marchand (38 goals, 64 assists) and David Pastrnak (41 goals, 59 assists). After being one of the better five-on-five teams in the regular season, the Bruins scored just six times at even strength, with five of those goals coming in Game 1.

David Backes is known for being a physical player, but in Sunday's Game 5 the Bruins forward was on the receiving end of a hit that he typically delivers.

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - The Tampa Bay Lightning know the grind. It's certainly a tall task for Don Sweeney to roll out a lineup with a legitimate top-4 defenseman added within the next 2-3 years, without overpaying in a trade or free-agent acquisition - something the Bruins can't necessarily afford to do this offseason. This put an emphasis on the Bruins' supporting cast, which is still largely young and gaining valuable experience as time goes on. "He's done a good job for us". This type of play has proven that your team will get bounced early from the playoffs.

Game 5 started very similar to Games 2, 3 and 4.

From here the Bruins will await the victor of the Pittsburgh-Washington series, which continues Monday night with the Capitals up 3-2 in games.

Montreal, of course, finished the regular season in 28th place, 41 points behind the Bruins.

Some of the blame can be given to the refs as the game they called last night was horrendous.

"That kid goes minus-5 in Game 1".

Vegas then had a delayed celebration for the goal that made it 2-0.

Games can be live-streamed on NBC Sports Live or NBC Sports App. At the same time, they also looked slower than the Golden Knights, so that need for speed ought to be addressed. After a remarkably efficient, 6-2 win in Game 1, in which they they had only 24 shots on goal, the B's were outscored 15-7 over the last four games. Bad habits, such as slow starts and surrendering goals nearly immediately after scoring them, began to surface.

Anton Stralman sealed the victory with an empty net goal from deep in the Lightning's own defensive zone. "A lot of people didn't expect us to be a playoff team". "I'd never seen something like that happen where they blew the play dead, but when I was skating back to the bench and all the guys were yelling, 'It's in'". "My focus is all about [Game 6], and that's it". The team continues to win games in the postseason after a spectacular regular season, and it may take a superior effort from the Sharks or the victor of the Winnipeg Jets-Nashville Predators series to keep the Golden Knights from reaching the Stanley Cup Final.

  • Joanne Flowers