LeBank: James hits buzzer-beater to down Raptors

Most of this can be contributed to the Pacers' defensive scheme, but it was a stark contrast from the Love we saw from earlier this season, averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds.

Every angle of LeBron James' iconic game-winner against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday night, May 5, has been covered in the last 36-plus hours.

Yeah, yeah: LeBron James beat the Raptors at the buzzer in Game 3 - but that's just because he's a dramatist like Shakespeare and the Raptors are LeBron's Globe Theater.

Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney, and Heidi Gardner played unnamed athletes. And the Raptors were irate that what had seemed liked a Serge Ibaka bucket and potential three-point free-throw was downgraded to a foul with no basket and no free throw. Still, the Raptors could take it as something of an encouraging sign that James committed four turnovers in Game 3, this after coughing up just one each in Games 1 and 2.

Teams that trail 3-0 in a best-of-seven series have forced a Game 7 three times.

The unthinkable has happened before.Conference semifinals, 2010, Boston vs. Philadelphia: Boston wins the first two games at home, then goes into Philadelphia to capture Game 3 and take a commanding 3-0 series lead. Heading back home to Cleveland, Game 3 was critical for both the Cavs and Love. But Casey's fatal flaw is that he can't get his team past LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. It consists of young and old, male and female, even a Roomba!

This could be the third straight season the Cavs eliminate the Raptors. Toronto's 42 turnovers have led to 52 Cleveland points.

Heading into this series, the Raptors were considered the favorite since they are the #1 seed in the East.

The record resonates in all corners of the globe: No team in National Basketball Association history has ever climbed out of a 0-3 hole to win 4-3.

I DON'T see any reason why Cleveland could not close it on Tuesday. "He's been awesome. I think we are expecting him to win the game in the end when it's close".

Lowry finished with 27 points on 9-for-13 shooting which also included a 4-for-8 rate from downtown.

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio - JR Smith didn't score in Game 4 and Raptors coach Dwane Casey thought his lineup changes made it harder on Smith. "You never want to have a s--ty game like I had", DeRozan said. Cleveland won just 50, but are now poised to eliminate the Raptors from the playoffs.

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