Build 2018: Microsoft Cortana to soon work with Amazon Alexa

Cortana is also now being developed to work with Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa. If we take into consideration that smart home device manufacturers can add Alexa compatibility to their products very easily, then it becomes clear why other companies in that field can't even come close to Amazon.

If you have a digital home assistant, the chances are good your children are using it too.

Love Sport, in collaboration with XAPPmedia, is offering 10 of its fan programmes as podcasts designed for use on Smart Speakers.

The assistant integration is the fruit of a partnership that began previous year, when the two companies announced the intent to make their two assistants compatible.

Alexa, can you talk like Yoda? Other smartphones from Samsung, Sony, and other Android brands can also use Alexa as their default voice assistant but the process may vary per device. Remote Assist is a hands-free video calling app for firstline/customer service workers and Microsoft Layout is an app for designing spaces in mixed reality using 3D models with layouts for holograms. She is fully armed and operational, with a dozen Jedi-related easter eggs hidden in her brain, which we are now going to reveal to you so they aren't hidden any longer.

On Thursday, the company announced the availability of "in-skill purchasing" (ISP) for Alexa skill developers in the US. The exact steps to do so will be slightly different than those below depending on the device.

Now, tech giant Amazon is introducing the Echo Dot Kids Edition, a child-focused version of its Echo smart speaker. You can also type in your own name.

"With these changes in place, you are now able to adopt new versions of the various SDKs more freely, without a strict requirement to update everything at once", Doug Stevenson, developer advocate at Google, wrote in ablog post.

Unlike the Google Assistant which you can trigger by saying "OK, Google", Alexa doesn't work the same way.

She was then able to ask Cortana for information on her calendar, without having to say "Cortana", or "Alexa" again - just "how's my day?"

  • Arturo Norris