NBA asks Raptors to tell rapper Drake to tone it down

"Kevin is going to have open shots all night, so, whatever is best for the team is what we're going to do".

James, who at one point was 1-of-8 shooting in the fourth quarter, buried a turnaround jumper with 30 seconds left to tie the game at 105. And if Toronto fails to turn around this series and/or doesn't escape the Eastern Conference in the coming weeks, they never will.

The Cavs' first-round playoff series saw James become just the fourth player in National Basketball Association playoff history to lead his team in scoring while averaging more than three times as many points as his club's second-leading scorer. "Defensively he's gotten better, guarding smaller centres", Raptors coach Dwane Casey before Thursday's game. Check them out in the gallery above, we'll continue to add on as they filter in. And finally, Thursday will bring Game 2 of the semifinal matchup between the Celtics and the 76ers. But other than that, I'm just trying to impact the game any other way I can, if that's rebounding, try to pressure the ball, just try to get in the game mentally that way more than just kind of scoring and doing what I regularly do."All was not lost for the Cavs' second unit on Tuesday, even with Clarkson's struggles".

It was an impressive win for the Cavaliers and it came despite Kevin Love having another hard night. "The All-Star that we know and have grown to love, he was wonderful man".

Ultimately, Ty Lue was rewarded for his faith in Love as the starting center. New Orleans fought back in Game 2.

"[Jonas] Valanciunas is going to go to help and try to block shots". He missed the shot but the Cavs prevailed in overtime 113-112. Coach Ty Lue wanted Love out there to space the floor and that play worked extremely well as the Cavs were able to get their offense rolling.

The third time against LeBron was the charm said all the experts. Leading by 14 at one point, they shot 5 for 25 in the fourth quarter of a game they seemed to have won. The Raptors, as they showed on Tuesday, remain completely incapable of getting out of their own way in the play-offs. Cleveland takes on Toronto tonight at 6:00 pm Eastern Time.

Cleveland took control as Smith scored six points in an 18-5 spurt to begin the third quarter.

Headed into the regular season, the Raptors were viewed as a threat to win the East, as they have been in recent memory, but this time around they endured success at an extremely high level.

Toronto should look back at their first half as a blown opportunity. Toronto had a small lead most of the quarter, but could not extend it when LeBron sat at the end of the first.

"I wasn't that good player in that series". LeBron James has always valued winning and championships over individual performance, and yet his lack of rings is the only way in which he falls short when compared to the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Then the third happened.

  • Julie Sanders