Iran says will not stay in N-deal if United States walks away

Color us skeptical. We comment specifically now, as he prepares to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Israel's capital, Jerusalem. "Therefore, it is now clearer than ever that negotiations on missiles will only alter the regional balance to Iran's disadvantage and in Israel's favor". The two messages add up to one: Israel is not going away. The security cabinet of Israel had conducted an emergency meeting on Monday to resolve and discuss about the increasing tension between Israel and the northern neighbours. "We had discussions with Israel about their rollout", Sarah Huckabee Sanders told TIME the next day.

Iran has no nuclear weapons.

Not only is Israel armed with nuclear weapons and an entire military primarily funded by USA tax dollars, but it has consistently attacked its neighbors in the Middle East. Israel maintains a blockade and constant aggression against the Palestinians. Israel has chose to take every necessary step from preventing Iran to develop any military infrastructure in Syria.

The law was not written with the current skirmishes with Iran in mind, according to one of the architects of the reform, and applies to any prime minister and defense minister, not just the current ones.

World leaders reacted to Netanyahu's remarks differently. Both have a common goal which stands in sharp contradiction to the notion of war: Syria and Russian Federation wish to pacify and stabilise Syria and enable the Assad regime to extend its control. Not, the signals seem to say, in Israel's corner. The Obama administration allowed the U.S. Navy to be harassed in the Persian Gulf and did not object to Iran's military entry into Syria or Yemen.

This would be vital not only for Israel but for the US.

In order then to deter Iran, Israel has launched a campaign of air strikes against Iranian bases and weapons depot in Syria. Even so, some understood Netanyahu's prop-heavy presentation to be a lobbying effort directed at a visually oriented-and undecided-President. "We hope Russian Federation will take into account our interests". In any event, this is not being pro-Israel. Certainly Gerard Araud, French Ambassador to the United States, knew Iran was cheating. It's time to fix the nuclear deal or get out. The threat itself, however, is not immediate.

First of all, one of the principal reasons why reaching an agreement on Iran's nuclear programme took more than 10 years was that the two sides could not trust each other. Before signing the agreement, prominent Iranian officials - including President Rouhani - claimed that Tehran had never pursued a nuclear program.

As Iran and Israel square off in Syria, things could get even more unsafe. The American-led bombing of Assad's chemical weapons facility was constructive.

There was no immediate response from Washington. The military bases of Iran and the nearby militias were targeted and the blast was huge and shook the ground equivalent to a small quake.

So far, it does not appear that Iran has restarted the project.

The nuclear deal was created to limit Iran's nuclear weapons program in exchange for the easing of worldwide sanctions on Iran; however, Trump has been criticizing the "sunset clauses" in the deal, which allow Iran to restart its uranium enrichment program after 2025.

  • Leroy Wright