Google Assistant on Wear OS gets smart suggestions, Actions and more

Google says these updates will start rolling out to all Wear OS smartwatches in the next few days. The smart assistant was developed to challenge Siri. However, this doesn't mean that Alexa Routines don't provide their own unique benefits - since Alexa is primarily a voice assistant, its Routines allow you to do more than just control home accessories, and also provide for more natural language parsing. Scrolling up after asking Assistant a query will reveal a list of related suggestions - like follow-up questions - in rounded bubbles that users can select to continue the conversation.

Google Assistant on WearOS will now support smart suggestions. So who knows, we might see Google make another concentrated push at positioning Wear OS as a viable alternative to the Apple Watch. The example Google provides is: Ask about the weather and get a suggestion about the extended forecast. Also, the Assistant on the watch will brief the user about his/her schedule, meeting, travel time and everything else that the user has in store for the day.

The initiative is led by head of Google Assistant investments Illya Gelfenbeyn, alongside founding lead Brock Huber and technical partnerships consultant Sudipta Chatterjee.

Smart Displays will likely be a big focus at Google I/O, but more on the software side.

We're also adding more popular security alarm brands that will now work with your Google Assistant, including ADT, First Alert, and Vivint Smart Home, smart door locks from August and Schlage, and home security cameras from Panasonic. On smart wearables, this useful piece of code arrived with the launch of Google Wear 2.0. If you happen to be one of those using a Wear OS device, what do you think about these changes? Google says there are over one million Actions available.

The Google Assistant has definitely come a long way since over six years ago.

Additionally, if you ask Assistant for information, you can have your watch speak the answers back to you.

  • Carolyn Briggs