Bastrop church holds service for National Day of Prayer

Then, they were asked to read aloud, in unison, a prayer for the nation. "If we do not find the resolve to come together and confront the issues fracturing our communities and dividing our country, we will not find the peace and healing we desperately need". "We're Scottish Americans and we are seeing God move in America in ways that we've only dreamt about".

Trump says faith is more powerful than government, but nothing is more powerful than god and he will continue to protect our religious freedoms. When they're are so many challenges often, worldly challenges that make barriers, Lord that you would break down those barriers and that, in Christ, Lord we get to worship you with people from all over the world that are with us ...

The keynote speaker was Bill Hicks, executive director of Bread of Life Ministries and the city's emergency homeless shelter. The event concluded with members forming a circle, holding hands and praying for the nation to be healed. "I feel that's worthy to gather and pray about".

At noon, around 100 individuals stood near the flagpole in front of the Sanford Municipal Building at an event led by Turner's Chapel pastor Bruce MacInnes.

"When all may acknowledge our blessings and express gratitude for them, while recognizing the need for strengthening religious and moral values in our community, state and nation", Barney expressed. "We believe the gospel. can bring this nation together".

Things changed throughout the next century, as some presidents observed a day of prayer and others didn't. "Start a revival in our hearts, oh Lord".

The National Day of Prayer was focused on the Christian impact on the nation. Organizers hope that this day, and prayer in general, will build bridges between us. "Holly Springs is a real city with real problems, but there is a real God". Mayor Frank Seffrood presented a proclamation and citizens from all walks of life offered prayers.

They also went inside to pray for Mayor Tom Guzzo and acting police Chief Bob Deringer in person.

It's not just sporting events where people can be out in bad weather, but also praising the Lord, he said.

Second, the group prayed for unity in this country. "We truly are one body".

  • Leroy Wright