Why Boy Scouts Is Dropping 'Boy' From Its Name

The group says with girls entering the ranks, the name will change to Scouts BSA starting next February.

The Scouts BSA program is set to being February 2019.

This comes ahead of a new campaign called "Scout Me In", emphasizing the more than a century old institution's expansion to include girls in the organization. They are trying to convey that they are here for both young men and women.

"Our Early Adopter Program, a soft launch allowing girls to participate in Cub Scouts ahead of the 2018-2019 program year, now has more than 3,000 girls across the US enrolled so far", Delimarkos said.

"For over 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has been offering quality programs and defining leadership of our community, here locally and nationally".

Schultz also said the organization was surprised about the name change for the flagship program of Boy Scouts of America.

"Each year, we're always hoping to raise membership", said Jurgens.

As for the Girl Scouts, who are also seeing dwindling participation numbers, they are launching an aggressive campaign to recruit and retain girls as members.

"If there's a parent that feels like they wish that their girl could do the same things that boys can do, I recommend they step forward to become a leader, and they can change it from within", Hubbard said.

The Girl Scouts said membership stands at about 1.76 million girls, down from just over 2 million members in 2014, the outlet added. Scouts BSA will begin admitting female members next year. "Her reaction when they finally announced that girls were allowed in was 'it's about time'". That's a direct threat to the girl scouts - therefore a direct threat to your supply of thin mints.

Stephen Medlicott, the BSA's marketing director says, "It speaks to girls and boys and tells them, "This is for you".

"I as a parent can now volunteer, engage and be with them because I don't have to, maybe babysit a younger kid while my older kid does scouts or something like that".

"Families that have boys that are in the program that have sisters that are saying 'my daughter is loving what she says when my son goes out on these campouts or participates in cub scouts. With our full family program we're looking at making it a one night program so that all the kids can come together and be a true family program".

  • Leroy Wright