Primary election is next Tuesday, May 8

He explained that the Act provides that a voter is prohibited to enter the polling station if they wear any clothes or carry equipment that displays names of candidates, political party symbols or logos on polling day.

Voters will cast ballots in the county's 13 precincts on primary election day, Tuesday, May 8. Applications for Vote-By-Mail ballots are available for download from the County Clerk's website at If they don't pick one before then, they will receive both ballots, but will only be able to use one.

Early voting for the May 8 primary election began April 25 and continues through May 5.

Davidson County Board of Elections Director Ruth Huneycutt said early voting has been steady, but there haven't been long lines. Over the last decade, more than 650,000 North Carolinians have registered as unaffiliated, almost 2,000 voters ahead of the GOP.

Among members of the local state legislative delegation, incumbent House District 153 Rep. Darrel Ealum, D-Albany, will face the challenge of CaMia Hopson.

Early voting declined by 28 percent at Bristol's National Guard Armory, by 18 percent at the county election office in Blountville and 10 percent at the Kingsport Civic Auditorium. One featured a teenage candidate, in this moment of heightened youth activism.

It's Election Day in cities and towns across Virginia and a primary election for Tennessee county offices.

Through this past Saturday, 2,615 voters had cast early ballots, compared to 2,670 during a comparable period four years ago.

Vote totals are not official and only include early vote totals and absentee vote totals reported by counties and entered into the State Voter Registration System. The victor of that Republican primary will face one of three Democrats, likely the well-funded Dan McReady, who has drawn a lot of out-of-state Democrat attention, including California billionaire Tom Steyer. The victor of that race will in November face the victor of the Democratic primary, which is a race between Chuck Enderlin and Rusty Oliver.

Republicans have majorities in the state's U.S. House delegation (25-11), the Texas Senate (20-11) and in the Texas House (95-55). Ranked choice voting also reduces the risk of candidates not running because they don't want to split the vote and divide the community.

The Election and Recording Department can be reached at 522-1544 for voter and election questions or recording information.

As part of the Secretary of State's campaign to educate unaffiliated voters about their involvement in primary elections, the office commissioned a poll, conducted in December, to gauge how many might participate and which way they lean politically.

  • Leroy Wright