Siddaramaiah counter challenged PM Modi to speak about Yeddyurappa's achievements

He then went on to attack Chief Minister Siddaramaiah over giving tickets to the kins of party leaders.

He said when he met the Prime Minister on few occasions to press some of the important issues, including the release of 8 TMC ft of water in the Mahadayi for drinking water goal, Modi had remained silent without making any remark. "People of Karnataka will draw their own conclusion", Modi said while addressing a rally at Santemaranahalli in Chamaraja district. JD (S) state unit chief H D Kumaraswamy had earlier claimed he would be the king after the polls and not the king maker.

On the other hand, a failure of the BJP in Karnataka would damage Modi's USP, making the general election battle more hard for the BJP. "The deputy chief minister's post in not ruled out". Here is the explanation of his formula to win the election.

One tweet of Mr Siddaramaiah asked the BP to come clean on if or not they really required Mr Yeddyurappa to function as main Minister.

The prime minister is expected to interact with Mahila Morcha, SC/ST Morcha and Yuva Morcha activists of the Karnataka unit of BJP through his app over the next few days before May 12 polls.

Karnataka has been facing water crisis like many other states in India and Narendra Modi government has recently introduced many schemes to help farmers embrace micro-irrigation. The hot seat suddenly turned into a thrilling contest after Amit Shah decided Yeddyurappa's son Vijayendra will not get a ticket here.

Two of the Reddy brothers - Gali Karunakara Reddy and also Gali Somashekhara Reddy - have been fielded from constituencies in the Ballari Region. The saffron party is facing condemnation from the opposition regarding the participation of mining baron G Janardhana Reddy in electioneering. Prime Minister assured the people that the BJP will continue with reservation policy for social equality. "The Congress must provide an answer to the rising crime", Modi told a BJP rally. "I will work with your shoulder to" shoulder", he had said.

But citizens like Irfaan Zameer are not quite happy that the caste-politics has returned with vengeance in Karnataka - one of the progressive states with high literacy rate. "You have to teach them a lesson". "Modi ji you are dispensing free advise about being courteous to Shri Deve Gowda".

He said that the country is also invested in creating a Blue revolution to encourage innovation in fish farming.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that Karnataka needed a BJP government, which was sensitive to farmers" issues. Because you are a naamdaar and we are just kaamdaars (You are from a famous family and we are from the working class). It may be English, Hindi or your mother's mother-tongue (Italian). Without taking name, he challenged Congress president Rahul Gandhi to speak for 15 minutes without seeing any paper and in any language.

He said the Congress president did not even bother to congratulate the hardworking labourers (mazdoors) because of whom every village was getting electricity.

He also brought out Vande Mataram controversy to take a jibe at Rahul Gandhi without naming him. "The Congress only mislead farmers". While, he gave the senior political leader full respect and whenever he came to meet him (Mr Modi) he received him by opening the door of his auto. The government supports the mafia, and those who violate law and order are in prominent position. "Violence can not exist in a democracy".

Victory in the Karnataka elections would give Rahul Gandhi much more confidence and determination to take on the BJP in the 2019 battle.

He said that Congress was responsible for the violence in Karnataka.

PM Modi will again hold talks with Karnataka's Mahila Morcha members on Friday. "Where there is Congress, all roads that lead to development are blocked".

  • Leroy Wright