Instagram adds GoPro and Spotify Integration with more

To create group video chat, users have to access the Instagram direct section and then tap the '+' sign to add two or more members to the group chat. Users will be able to video chat one-on-one or with a small group with three other friends.

'You can also minimize the video and continue the chat while doing other things on Instagram'. The app integration with Stories is now in beta. "But we've heard from our community that sometimes they also want to experience real-time video in a smaller group", Instagram said on its blog.

To learn more about how to share GoPro footage to your next Instagram Story, and other cool features of the new sharing option, check out our story on The Inside Line.

Facebook announced the addition, among other new features, at its F8 developer conference today.

Spotify is coming to Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Facebook and Instagram Stories adds Spotify integration

For instance, a user playing Finesse would be able to - when sharing to Instagram - unlock custom art stickers and captions to add to their Story. There is no need to have to link your GoPro account with Instagram as the sharing is done locally on your device, via the Instagram app.

Instagram is getting the AR camera platform. These AR effects range from face filters to environmental ones. This feature takes advantage of Facebook's Camera Effects Platform that will let users use fun face filters and world effects. If you see an effect you like being used by someone else, you'll be able to tap "Try it now" in that person's story and add the effect to your tray for later usage. Facebook says this is just a taste of their upcoming collaborations with third-party apps and influencers, including Kylie Jenner, NBA, Jiffpom, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel, and Ariana Grande.

The new Instagram Explore tab will start showing up for users in the coming weeks. The new Explore will better organise suggested content by putting them under relevant topical channels. You will also now be able to have a video chat with your contacts through the Direct thread.

Finally, there's the redesigned Explore tab.

With respect to content filtering, "Last year we announced our offensive comment filter, which automatically hides toxic and divisive comments, particularly those aimed at at-risk groups". To make Instagram a safer place, it has upgraded its anti-bully software to filter strong comments. Along with removing bullying comments, the filter will also notify Instagram of repeat offenders.

  • Carolyn Briggs