'Avengers: Infinity War' poised for China box office record: IMAX CEO

For us, there will always be stakes and the stakes have been progressing from film to film. "Trade analyst Taran Adarsh took to Twitter to confirm the box office mathematics and wrote, "#AvengersInfinityWar is in no mood to slow down.

If you've seen the film and read all the raving reviews, you'll know why Infinity War quickly became a Malaysian favourite because we still can't stop talking about it.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

Elsewhere, Avengers: Infinity War also marked the fastest earnings to reach $150 million, $200 million, and $250 million. Even the cast hinted at the possibility of the deaths of some of the world's most beloved superheroes while the end of contracts with Marvel Studios fueled even more rumors.

With the most recent installment of the MCU being "Avengers: Infinity War" it undoubtedly deserves a 4/5 star rating because this movie embodied great artistry, had amusing, thrilling, shocking and spine-chilling moments.

Ruffalo clearly battles with technology - when sharing Vanity Fair's December 2017 cover, featuring him and three other Infinity War stars, Ruffalo wrote: "This is the photoshoot I may have accidentally Facebook Live-d".

Infinity War made history over the weekend after scoring the biggest worldwide opening to date. The film, in the Indian box office, started off with a sum of Rs 31.30 crore, which the biggest opening for any Hollywood film in India. However, it looks like the temper has cooled down a little.

The same went for Star Wars alum Sammy L, who had no problem being compared to a reptile by one online jokester. Lucas also returned the sentiment when Spielberg's E.T. surpassed the Star Wars franchise by sharing a picture of ET holding aloft by the main characters of the Star Wars franchise.

While it came as a true surprise for Infinity War audiences, Saldana's been harboring the secret of Gamora's fate for quite some time now.

  • Salvatore Jensen