Snap's second-generation Spectacles now available in Canada

The new Spectacles now sport two microphones instead of one to improve the audio quality of far-field voices while also helping out with noise reduction. Snap teamed up with a company called Lensabl to offer the ability to swap out regular lenses for prescription ones.

The new design is also waterproof. CEO, Evan Spiegel reveals that the company will release a new version of its Spectacles this week. Moreover, users in the USA are able to order prescription Spectacles if they desire.

"The company is also getting more serious about direct-response advertising, which is a huge revenue driver for Snapchat's competitor Facebook", according to Williamson. Many customers complained about the first generation that they could only hear the person who was wearing the Spectacles, but no one else in the videos. Users will still need to import photos and videos from their "Memories", connect their device to a WiFi network, and wait for their content to download.

Additionally, the new Spectacles 2.0 are water-resistant.

There's no precise details on the battery life, but Snap's website says it'll manage up to record 70 videos on a single charge. This makes the new wearable flawless for the beach or for swimming pools. The previous version of the wearable camera was only capable of recording videos.

Snap is working on more advanced augmented-reality technology for Snapchat, according to Wired, and it's not hard to see how it could be applied to wearable technology.

With expectations that the company will be working on 3-D capable video glasses in the future, this version would be a stepping stone for hardware development to produce consumer-friendly camera glasses for the market. Yesterday, the stock fell after it appeared to backtrack on some of its changes to the app.On Thursday the stock rebounded to climb 4%.

The first refinement was to create a slimmer design.

It follows a tough year for the social media giant's following its enormous float on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2017. While they expected the first generation to take off in a major way, the sales were extremely poor and ended up costing the company quite a bit of money.

  • Carolyn Briggs