Bills trade up with Bucs to land QB Josh Allen

They made a bold move up the 2018 NFL Draft order to take a quarterback and did so without giving up the second first-round pick. Thursday night they traded two second round picks to select who they believe will be their franchise quarterback.

Allen is the first QB the bills have ever selected in the top ten of the draft.

Adding onto this: Jeremy Bates is a big Josh Allen fan. When Wyoming played schools in the power conferences, he didn't play well.

They were then able to upgrade those picks to No. 7 and No. 16 by using their stock of mid-round picks and ended up with quarterback Josh Allen and linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. Billingsley was drafted by the San Diego Chargers with the 14th pick in the first round of the American Football League draft. It's time to prove that Allen was the right guy, especially with a well-establish and polished passer like Josh Rosen still on the board waiting to be picked.

"Being in Laramie, out of all four, five quarterbacks in this draft, I'm the one that was suited for Buffalo", Allen said.

Allen was the subject of considerable controversy Thursday as years-old tweets were unearthed.

Josh Allen and his family were nothing but excited for the NFL Draft prior to Wednesday evening, which is when they found out the hard way that the internet never forgets.

Beane has maneuvered since a year ago to acquire draft capital to help make this trade happen, dealing away talented players in the process, which means he needs to get this right. Also on numberFire, JJ Zachariason dove into the numbers to look at whether Allen's low 60.9% college completion percentage was something to be concerned about. Reports suggest that the Cleveland Browns will take Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield with the No. 1 overall pick.

Allen was highly touted coming into the draft in a draft class full of elite quarterbacks.

  • Julie Sanders