Trump acknowledges Cohen represented him in 'crazy Stormy Daniels deal'

President Donald Trump called in to speak with the hosts of "Fox & Friends", April 26, 2018.

He's said previously he had no knowledge of the $130,000 payment Cohen made to porn actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair with Trump.

Earlier this month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Cohen's home, office and a hotel room where he had been staying.

In the Daniels case in Los Angeles, Mr Cohen is asking to delay proceedings for 90 days, arguing that any statements he might make could affect the criminal investigation into his business dealings in NY.

Mr Trump has denied having an affair with Ms Daniels or any knowledge of a US$130,000 payment made by Mr Cohen to Ms Daniels before the 2016 USA election.

In the Thursday interview, Trump suggested that the investigation into Cohen was connected more to his business dealings than to his legal career. She is an adult-film star who says she had a one-night stand with Trump in 2006.

For President Trump, the territory doesn't get any friendlier than Fox & Friends.

Cohen at the federal courthouse in Manhattan on Thursday morning. "If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?"

At the end of the interview, before Fox all but cut Trump's mic to prevent him from digging himself into a deeper hole, Trump threatened to force the Department of Justice to stop investigating him and to focus instead on his political opponents.

Cohen's lawyers have asked for the case to be put on hold for 90 days, which could give Cohen and his legal team an opportunity to see the direction the Federal Bureau of Investigation is moving.

Trump said that he tries to "stay away from" intervening in the Department of Justice, before adding, "But at some point I won't".

The commander-in-chief noted that he "has many attorneys ... sadly, I have so many attorneys, you wouldn't even believe it".

The judge said she was inclined to give Daniels' attorney a "seat at the table" but reserved her decision after the government asked to have until Monday to decide whether to object.

The prosecutors initially said the documents should be reviewed by lawyers within their own office, who would be walled off from the main prosecution team.

"I've been told I'm not involved" in the investigation, Trump said. She said the documents that were not considered privileged should be turned over to prosecutors as soon as that determination is made by Jones. "I've been told I'm not involved", he said.

U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood decided at an hour-long hearing on Thursday to opt for an independent official called a special master, something that both sides had indicated they would be open to.

Trump distanced himself somewhat from his longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who reportedly will assert his Fifth Amendment right not to talk to investigators who orchestrated a raid of his office, home, and hotel room.

"From what I understand, [the feds are] looking at his businesses, and I hope he's in great shape", the president said. I never said I left immediately. She prosecuted Mafia underbosses for a federal Organized Crime Strike Force in Boston when Mueller held supervisory positions in the USA attorney's office there.

  • Salvatore Jensen