Toronto Van Victims 'Predominantly Female' Pedestrians, Police Say

The City of Toronto has also created a fundraising campaign, called the #TorontoStrong Fund. Money raised will provide emotional support and assistance to help cover emergency expenses for survivors, their families, families of the victims, and for witnesses and their families.

The Toronto police officer who confronted the murderer is now being honoured for his handling of the situation, which did not involve a single bullet being fired.

The Toronto Foundation, which partnered with the city to manage donations, said it has received $200,000 combined from RBC, TD Bank and CIBC.

"To see the actual carnage and the bodies lying on the streets of Toronto, I think it's changed the city forever". Asked if he had a statement to offer to the families of the victims, he said simply, "I'm sorry". "You certainly - our rules of engagement say, we could have engaged him with gunfire a long time before that".

"He was constantly assessing, constantly watching what was going on and determined he could handle it the way that he did", he said.

"It's not by any means over but we have to try and get the city back to its life and back to sort of recognizing how resilient were are here".

Police have said they are looking into a "cryptic" message posted on Alek Minassian's Facebook profile minutes before pedestrians were mowed down on a northern stretch of Yonge Street.

"I love you Dorothy Sewell".

"It was with great sadness that I heard about the tragic and senseless attack that took place in Toronto this afternoon", Trudeau said in a statement.

Several victims have not been identified.

Police have not identified any of the victims.

The 25-year-old suspect in the attack, Alek Minassian, was charged on Tuesday with first-degree murder in the deaths of 10 pedestrians.

"Two South Koreans were additionally reported to have been seriously wounded from the latest auto rush attack", the ministry said, citing information from the Canadian police. You will always be loved and your love for sports will always be with me while I cheer with you.

"Some days, she was the one who brought cookies for all of the children", Rathanasiri said. "It's important that we do".

Canada is still recovering from the shock of a highway crash in Saskatchewan earlier this month that killed 16 people on a bus carrying a junior hockey team.

A large group of employees from a nearby a Capital One building came to the site and one-by-one they each placed a rose on the sidewalk. "Our hearts are will all of those affected".

Investigators said Rodger was motivated to carry out his attack by a personal grievance related to his immersion in the extremist ideological subculture of men's rights activists, who believe women don't actually want gender equality and have been brainwashed by feminist propaganda.

In the meantime, officials are attempting to piece together the planning and motives of a suspect who was not previously on any law enforcement watch lists. Like-minded people in internet forums sometimes use "Chad" and "Stacy" as dismissive slang for men and women with more robust sex lives.

Leuprecht said Lam seemed to go further than some others might have when he made a decision to approach and arrest the suspect, rather than wait for backup.

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