Toronto Killer was the Canadian Elliott Rodger

For members, women and feminism are to blame, and their most extreme members call for women to be attacked and raped for denying what they claim is their right to sex.

According to Toronto police and Facebook officials, minutes before he allegedly drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians walking along a busy thoroughfare, killing 10 people, Minassian posted a message on his since-deleted Facebook account, stating "The Incel Rebellion has already begun!.All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!".

"That particular situation yesterday, the way in which it went down was nothing short of remarkable", Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders told a news conference Tuesday. But the community has come together to honour the lives lost.

Yuen says he met Lam about five years ago through the East Asian police officers' support network, when Lam was selling something for charity.

Late Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement in which he said he was saddened by this "tragic and senseless attack".

Hours after Minassian's rampage, Reddit banned "malecels"-a subreddit for incel discussion where "normies" and women were prohibited that was only live for 19 days". Great grandmother Dorothy Sewell, 80, was a retired long-time Sears employee who loved her Toronto sports teams and volunteered both at her church and with older seniors.

"It's one shining moment in an absolutely game-changing, abysmal, horrific day in the city of Toronto", McCormack was quoted by CTV News as saying. "The one ... positive to take-away from that day was his behavior".

A man pays his respects at a makeshift memorial on Yonge Street following a van that attacked multiple people in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 25, 2018. "I don't have sympathy for them, I can see that they're very hateful people, but I do think we need to be constructive [about what drives people to become incels]".

"At first I thought the driver was having a heart attack before I realized what was happening", Alce said.

"We're famous, mum I fucking did it!" "It is habitual. At what point do we start to say, 'This isn't a random act, this is a habitual crisis, '" she warned.

"This is literally what I asked for, finally somebody breaking the mold", one wrote. Fourteen others were injured. "Always smiling. I'll definitely be missing seeing that smile around the office".

"It's a larger cry for help - 'help I've been forsaken, no one is paying attention to me".

Yet some incel sites insist they don't condone violence or misogyny.

"It's a really sick man, this man who took out his anger on everybody else", Yeoh said. Until November previous year, this r/incels subreddit had 40,000 users. His next court appearance will be via video on May 10. During the search for his motive, it was revealed that Minassian was active in the internet's involuntary celibacy, or "incel", subculture, which has always been criticized for its violent misogyny.

Details emerged on April 24 from the Department of National Defence that Minassian was briefly a member of the Canadian Armed Forces past year but quit before finishing his training.

Minassian had saluted "incel" Elliot Rodger, a community college student who killed six people and wounded 13 in 2014 in California.

Others said Minassian had struggled socially, especially with women. Minassian's reference to the incident may suggest he had a similar motive.

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