Macron asks US to 'make our planet great again'

French President Emmanuel Macron was poised to address USA lawmakers Wednesday as he wraps up his three-day visit to Washington - a whirlwind of nuclear diplomacy on Iran, and lighter moments showcasing his unlikely "bromance" with Donald Trump.

French President Emmanuel Macron received a warm, three-minute standing ovation from US lawmakers Wednesday before delivering - in English - a rare address to Congress that underlined the allies' differing policy goals.

"I do not share the fascination for new strong powers, the abandonment of freedom and the illusion of nationalism", Macron said.

Macron said France will remain party to the agreement even if the USA decides to withdraw.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday that France would follow the United States in withdrawing forces from Syria after Islamists are defeated.

Mr Macron's visit followed a private dinner between the two leaders and their wives at Mount Vernon on Monday night, a joint news conference in the ornate East Room and a state dinner - the first one Mr Trump has hosted as president.

Macron's address coincided with the 58th anniversary of then-French President Charles de Gaulle's address to a joint session of Congress.

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In a broad speech, Macron also urged U.S. lawmakers to reject unilateralism and remain engaged with the world, saying modern economic and security challenges must be a shared responsibility.

Germany, which was part of the agreement along with Iran, the U.S., Russia, China, Britain and France, has thrown its weight behind Mogherini's position.

Macron also touched upon Iran, saying Wednesday the country must not be allowed to ever obtain nuclear weapons.

"And I'm sure we can work together to fulfill with you the ambitions of the global compact on the environment", Macron said.

However he repeated Tuesday's call for a new wider deal that will tackle Iran's ballistic missile programme and behaviour in Syria and Yemen as well as nuclear issues.

"We are seeking a supplemental agreement that would in some fashion layer upon it a series of additional rules - restrictions, terms, parameters, whatever you want to call it - that help answer these challenges more effectively".

Emmanuel Macron delivered a landmark speech to US Congress today, urging lawmakers not to "close the door to the world".

The proposal that Macron put forward to his USA counterpart involves preserving the existing agreement on the first of "four pillars" of a future deal.

"But I think I can say that our economic - our businesses, our researchers can continue to work on - can create solutions in the field". Let us not replicate past mistakes in the region.

  • Leroy Wright