Kanye West Expands On Trump Beliefs

West, 40, has been prolific on Twitter in recent days, posting about a wide range of subjects including fashion, music and even US President Donald Trump. "We are both dragon energy". He is my brother.

Kanye, prompted by his wife Kim Kardashian, attempted to walk back his support of Trump by saying that he doesn't agree with his policies 100 percent. That's what makes us individuals.

The Yeezy designer's public show of support for independent thought and Trump has spurred some - like fellow Chicago crooner Chance the Rapper to shun conventional political thinking - to support or slam his beliefs. President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West share a history of unpredictable behaviour, and a delight in freaking out and, perhaps, dividing an already divided public.

Trump thanked Kanye, noting it to be very cool.

The American rapper later posted two pictures - a "Make America Great Again" hat and a selfie with the hat on. In the lead-up to the 2016 election, West donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, and he has also expressed support for causes such as Black Lives Matter and gun control.

Poor old Kim Kardashian is finally being out-shone by her husband Kanye West, but for all the wrong reasons.

"Trump actually responded to Kanye, I assume because an alarm went off in the White House that someone on Twitter was being even crazier than him", he said.

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To refute the claims, Kanye invited TMZ supremo Harvey Levin to his studio where he free-styled lyrics, thought to feature on a new album.

He does, however, have a history of political heterodoxy and notably said in 2016 that had he voted, he would have cast his ballot for Trump.

However, after a call from his famous wife, Kim Kardashian, the Grammy victor wanted to make it clear that he doesn't align with all of Trump's actions. Donald Trump is your brother, it is true, and I am your brother, too.

Noah imagined one of the network's anchors saying, before suddenly flipping stance after finding out that West was pro-Trump.

West triggered liberals last week when he praised black conservative commentator and Trump supporter Candace Owens and soon after, posted videos by "Dilbert" comic creator Scott Adams, another admirer of the president.

  • Salvatore Jensen