Checks ordered on engine type in jet accident

The affected Southwest Boeing 737 took off Tuesday morning from NY, headed for Dallas.

One passenger, Jennifer Riordan, died as a result of the incident.

"Southwest conducts periodic inspections at a higher frequency than what is called for by General Electric or CFM", explained Kelly.

Emergency ADs such as those issued by the FAA and EASA automatically take affect in Australia under the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). An engine cycle is an important measurement in determining the maintenance and inspection intervals for jet engines and their components. Immediately following last week's accident, the airline said that it would inspect all of the engines similar to the one that failed within 30 days.

The US National Transportation Safety Board chairman Robert Sumwalt told reporters the type of engine - a CFM56 - is "very widely used in commercial transport".

Other Asia-Pacific carriers with large numbers of 737s powered by CFM56-7B engines with an average aircraft age of ten years or older are Air Do (nine aircraft), Korean Air (36), and Qantas (70).

There are only about a dozen planes in the Southwest fleet that do not use CFM engines, the news outlet reported.

The FAA estimated the review will involve 352 engines in the United States, and 681 engines worldwide.

CFM said it issued the recommendation in "close collaboration" with the FAA, EASA, Boeing and CFM56-7B operators.

Engines with more 30,000 total takeoffs and landings must be inspected within 20 days. About a year ago the engine manufacturer recommended additional inspections and a month ago European regulators ordered their airlines to do additional inspections.

Southwest did not immediately say what proportion of the delays was tied to the engine inspections, or whether another problem was contributing to the widespread disruptions.

CFM International, a joint venture between America's GE Aviation and France's Safran Aircraft Engines, said around 150 of the engines have already been examined.

  • Zachary Reyes