The OnePlus launch date could be less than a month away

The London event, which will take place at 5pm BST (9:30pm IST) on May 16, is expected to highlight all the key features and specifications of the OnePlus 6. But there will be other details about the new flagship that we will know only on the launch date. OnePlus will start selling tickets for the event in Mumbai from May 8, and those attending the launch will walk away with Avengers merchandise.

If you don't want to go or simply can't go for whatever reason, OnePlus is also streaming the launch live - which is pretty standard practice for any phone company. The most recent rumors suggest that the OnePlus 6 might officially be revealed on May 18, according to Phone Arena.

OnePlus has grown from being just another Chinese smartphone brand to a household moniker in India - thanks to its impressive line of premium smartphones that do not break the bank.

Fans are invited to attend the London unveiling of the OnePlus 6, though like past year, they will have to pay for the privilege.

We are expecting OnePlus to launch this device somewhere in the middle of May.

OnePlus has always prided itself on combining high-end specs with low-end (or at least mid-range) prices, and the OnePlus 6 looks likely to follow that tradition. The dual snappers have been placed in the centre with the LED flash and the fingerprint scanner placed underneath. These is all official info that the company shared in the last couple of weeks, and OnePlus also said that the most powerful OnePlus 6 unit will arrive with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Commenting on the new design, Pete Lau said in a forum post, "the OnePlus 6's glass back contains five printed layers of Nanotech Coating, a first in the smartphone industry". Below the image we see the message, "See you soon". These models will be priced between Rs 33,999- 36,999 and Rs 38,999-42,999, respectively.

  • Arturo Norris