Need That Whale-Shaped Tea Infuser, Pronto? Amazon Delivers to Your Car

Amazon won't say how many people signed up for the Amazon Key service, but the number was apparently large enough that it's looking to unlock other customer doors.

"The in-car delivery option is another way Amazon helps ensure that my order is delivered safely and conveniently".

"Porch pirates", people who walk off with deliveries left outside homes, are a problem in my Washington, DC neighborhood.

In his statement on Tuesday, Peter Larsen, Vice President of Delivery Technology, Amazon, presented a different picture, saying that "in-car delivery gives customers that same peace of mind" as Amazon Key.

The service isn't, however, for everyone. Customers with 2015 model year or newer Volvo vehicles can activate their Volvo On Call connected service subscription within the Volvo On Call app. Amazon does this through the user's connected-car service that's paired with the Amazon Key app. "How do they expect to find and unlock the trunk of my auto?" tweeted one person. Amazon's drivers can't open your vehicle on their own.

Amazon Key In-Car Delivery is free for Prime members and allows an order to be delivered to your parked vehicle, either in the trunk or left on or under one of the seats. More than half of homeowners are anxious about having packages stolen and almost three-fourths of the thefts happen during the day while people are at work, a survey by Package Guard found. Grocery pickup is now available at more than 1,200 U.S. Walmart stores, and Walmart's grocery delivery is expected to reach 100 markets by year-end.

That raised some serious trust issues for Amazon shoppers. The app will notify customers when the delivery is about to happen.

If you already let Amazon workers inside your home, why not give them access to your auto while you're at it?

At the time of the Amazon Key launch, SurveyMonkey conducted a poll on behalf of tech news outlet Recode that showed less than 4 percent of US households saying they'd definitely buy into Amazon Key, and 61 percent saying they definitely wouldn't.

Before couriers gain access to the customer's auto, Amazon uses an "encrypted authentication process" to make sure the right courier is present in the right location with the right package.

Now, the company wants access to the trunk of your vehicle.

The online retailer already knows what you shop for and buy on its site.

The press release doesn't mention anything about groceries, but it's not hard to imagine having staples like bread, sodas and other non-perishables waiting in your vehicle either when you walk out of your office or waiting in your auto in your driveway when you get home.

Amazon's popping up everywhere, even in the back seat of your vehicle.

  • Arturo Norris