Trump welcomes end of North Korea nuclear tests

Trump praised Kim's statement in a tweet shortly afterward, calling it "very good news for North Korea and the World".

Also the nuclear site he's promised to close was damaged in September so there's a chance it couldn't be used again anyway.

Moon, who's getting ready for a summit with Kim this month, stays common with voters who stay suspicious of North Korea's intentions.

The North's official name is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

North Korea said early Saturday it has suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests and plans to close its nuclear test site.

But Kim did not say what he would do with his arsenal of existing nuclear warheads.

North Korea's abrupt diplomatic outreach in recent months came after a flurry of weapons tests, including the underground detonation of a possible thermonuclear warhead and three launches of developmental intercontinental ballistic missiles created to strike the USA mainland.

"Big progress!" he added. "Look forward to our Summit".

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres told reporters in Sweden that he was optimistic about North Korea's decision, saying that "the path is open for the peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

He said China would support North Korea through dialogue and consultations with "relevant parties" to resolve their concerns and improve relations.

"Achieving denuclearization and sustainable peace in the region is in the interest of people on the peninsula and in the region, and meets the shared expectation of the global community", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said.

If in August North Korean leader threatened to attack American island of Guam, and since n still completed its most potent nuclear test of history and anor of an intercontinental missile, on January 1, in its new Year's discourse, it was unexpectedly showing Conciliator.

Kim's declaration may also reflect his determination to achieve "complete denuclearization". In 2014, the then-director of USA national intelligence, James Clapper, secretly visited North Korea to bring back two American detainees.

Australia and Britain were also cautious.

Yeo Young-ju, 44, said North Korea had developed nuclear bombs despite decades of efforts to engage it, and this time it should get no economic benefits until its promises were proven to be true.

The Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop the announcement was a "step in the right direction", if genuine, and "verifiable steps" would be needed to ensure testing had indeed been halted.

But others were more circumspect, noting that Saturday's announcement fits with North Korea's previous declarations that it had "completed" its nuclear and missile programs.

But Mr Trump warned he would call it off if he did not think it would produce results.

He sent a delegation to the Winter Olympics in the South in February, leading to that in ties with his old enemies.

"Our campaign of maximum pressure will continue until North Korea will denuclearize", Trump said on Wednesday.

Kim seems to be more flexible than he had been previously regarding the troops, and he echoed Pyongyang's hope for security assurances and for the day when the world will have no nuclear weapons.

The US and its allies have been pushing Pyongyang to abandon nuclear weapons.

Still, North Korea has been feeling the weight of economic sanctions and Kim's statements to the party meeting signaled a desire to prioritize the development of his impoverished country.

Kim at the Friday party meeting spoke of the need to prioritize putting energy and resources into building the economy, according to the KCNA statement.

  • Leroy Wright