Local students walk out of classes to protest gun violence

One teacher and 12 students were killed on April 20, 1999. Students say Principal Gerardo Llamas got on the school's PA system and said anyone who walked out Friday would not be able to go to prom. "The only way a movement can affect anything is by having consistency". In Mill Creek, Washington, students from marched out of class and down the street. Some students Friday said Columbine is where it all started.

"Today's even that we just put together by student leadership had an option where if you felt compelled to walk out, that you could walk out to the courtyard where we could keep you safe".

"No healthy individual is going to go into school and commit an act of violence", rally organizer Allyson McBride said. Students talked about increasing mental health awareness as a way to fight gun violence.

Students at Lakeview say the event was organized to show their support and as a reminder of the realities of life.

One of the walkout organizers Reality Roland said she felt encouraged.

She added that she's encouraging her peers to get registered to vote.

"I feel like when we did the first protest, I feel like people took it as a joke", said Jared McGill, a senior at Academy at Palumbo in South Philadelphia. Specifically, they hope it lowers gun violence rates in lower income communities, which they said have struggled with the issue for a long time.

"It was a peaceful observation of the national event", said Mary Jo Hainstock, Vinton-Shellsburg School superintendent.

Pomp said students at her school may face disciplinary action for the walkout, but consider the march an act of civil disobedience.

Some schools in our region joined the national walkout, including South Burlington High School.

Aubeneau says there's a range of political views at West Lafayette High School, and not everyone agreed with the aims of the walkout-but everyone was invited.

  • Joanne Flowers